Demeter Fragrance Library is infamous among the semi-mainstream perfume groups for creating bizarre, specific, and downright wacky fine fragrances. Don’t believe me? Here’s a few of their more peculiar creations from over the years:

  • Clean Windows
  • Dust
  • Earthworm
  • Funeral Home
  • Glue
  • Pizza
  • Rubber

     And of course, who could forget the iconic Zombie for Her and Zombie for Him?

     Despite having the potential to be a quirky souvenir shop gimmick, Demeter Fragrance Library in Canada is currently sold pretty much only within supermarkets, among the produce and meat cuts. This should have been my first clue to how big of a bust this might be, the other being the price point.

     This is my review for Pink Lemonade by Demeter Fragrance Library, which retails for $15 at Real Canadian Superstore.

Demeter Fragrance Library Pink Lemonade

Demeter Fragrance Library Pink Lemonade

     Demeter Fragrance Library fragrances do not come in boxes, which is a bit of a gamble when it comes to cosmetics. It means that they run the risk of people using the product before it ends up in a shopping bag, which is a sanitary issue that I’m surprised nobody is getting worked up over. The bottles are square, apothecary style glass with a long silver cap, which shelters the equally tall atomizer. The front label is quite unremarkable, attributing to a production-line, archival type look that looks inexpensive. They call it a ‘Pick-Me-Up Cologne Spray’, so that answers the concentration question. The back has a sticker with the safety information and ingredients list. The whole thing reminds me of an American Apparel nail polish bottle. I’ll give it this: being 30 mL, it is the perfect size and shape for travelling.

     Pink Lemonade was released in 2004, and the perfumers behind it are most likely Christopher Brosius and Francis Kurkdjian. Christopher has since gone on to found CB I Hate Perfume, and Francis has done so many other fragrances that it’s impractical to list them – check out the list here.

     Like I already said, DFL specializes in extremely specific recreations of scents, meant to evoke memories. I have no fond memories of pink lemonade, but that doesn’t stop me from gravitating towards it. After all, it is a citrus at heart.

     There’s something to be said about what I call the Demeter Curse – a certain something I smell in any and all Demeter fragrances that I haven’t smelled before or since. It’s a pine, new car kind of smell that they layer on with all of their products and comes off as just foul on most of them. Pink Lemonade is no exception to the rule, and the curse merges with the lemonade scent poorly, ending up somewhere between those paper trees you hang from your mirror to furniture cleaner. It is not a pick-me-up as they claim, but a let-me-down. It’s downright putrid, and I hate that I wasted my money on it.

     Verdict: Some things are too good to be true. Pink lemonade scented perfume is one of them. Do not recommend this one, and be wary of the rest of the line – remember the Demeter Curse.

~ ~ ~

You can check out Demeter Fragrance Library at or follow them on Twitter at


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