Earlier this week I went on a local television program to talk about fragrances for the holidays. Host Jeff and I spoke about all the great options that are available for gift-giving, as well as what my top picks are for treating yourself. When we got to WINTER by Dasein Fragrance, there was a definite breakthrough as Jeff exclaimed, “Ouuuu!”

     This rewarding response was no surprise to me as I’ve had a week or so to play with WINTER, which arrived to me all the way from Los Angeles, where it is mixed by hand in small batches.

     In this review I’ll be going over WINTER’s full-size bottle ($85), which you can enter to win over on Rafflecopter.

Dasein Fragrance WINTER

Dasein Fragrance WINTER

     The bottle I received seems to be about 30 mL in volume, with a frosted glass body and metallic gold cap. The glass is prone to holding on to fingerprints, but otherwise it’s a perfectly pretty flacon, which earned Dasein the 2014 American Package Design Award from Graphic Design USA. Notably, the back of the bottle itself lists the notes, just in case you forget what they are. You’ll also notice that each bottle has a safety seal, which is unusual in perfume.

     Sam Rader is the perfumer behind WINTER, and I have to remark that she did an excellent job in putting together this frosty blend of pine and lavender. In the beginning the pine oil used (which allegedly comes from the Austrian Alps) is a bit funky, leaning towards civet. However, it does turn sweeter as you wear it, taking it from the predominant masculine opening to an equal unisex. In terms of what it reminds me of, a Christmas tree definitely comes to mind. There’s also a generous dose of lavender absolute that makes it a well-rounded, eveningwear-ready fragrance for the modern man or woman. Wearing WINTER gets me excited to try out their SPRING fragrance, scheduled for release in 2015.

     Verdict: WINTER gets an A+ from me for the creative combination of such simple yet extraordinary ingredients as well as the pretty bottle. If you’re looking for a creative gift for a hipster-type, WINTER fits the bill.

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You can check out Dasein Fragrance at or follow them on Instagram at


12 responses to “Perfume Review: WINTER by DASEIN FRAGRANCE

  1. I have a body mist that I use all year round, Dream Angels ‘Heavenly’ but I would love the chance to use a new perfume, especially one that has hints of lavender!

  2. Mmmm this sounds wonderful! Would love to try!!! My favorite winter perfume is Covet by Sarah Jessica Parker ( so old i know :p But its rich and spicy and so sassy! )

  3. I do not have any fav winter fragrance. I just use to wear sweeter scents than in spring and summer – I mean such as Guerlain Shalimar, Mugler Innocent and Cacharel Liberte. Thanks for chance to win this competition! Lubka

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