Today I was reading Jamie Deen’s Good Food, a cookbook with a southern twist to most recipes. In the description for a fall recipe, he says that in the south they call fall ‘football season’, to which I say, what a waste of breath.

     But, we are not here to bash sports that I don’t like (*cough*). We are here to discuss a perfect football season autumn scent: Yankee Candle’s 1.75 oz votive in Home Sweet Home, which retails for $1.99.

Yankee Candle Home Sweet Home Votive

Yankee Candle Home Sweet Home Votive

     Home Sweet Home‘s wax is a pinky red colour, cylindrical in shape with a wider top. The wick was quite long, so I’ve trimmed it about halfway. You’ll notice in the picture that the wick actually came out of one hole of two, which was certainly unusual. The label on the front reads YANKEE CANDLE / HOME SWEET HOME / with pure, natural spice extracts, on a background of some cozy pillows and a mug of tea. In appearance it comes off as Victorian rather than fall, but whatever. The whole candle is shrink-wrapped, with a sticker on the bottom carrying the bar code, safety information, and more.

Yankee Candle Home Sweet Home Votive wick

Yankee Candle Home Sweet Home Votive wick

     The Yankee Candle website description reads:

A heartwarming blend of cinnamon, baking spices, and a hint of freshly poured tea.

     I’m not the biggest fan of spices, especially in wax. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve passed over entire Bath & Body Works collections because they’ve all got a pinch of cinnamon or cardamom. But lately my preference has been shifting, and I find myself enjoying traditional fall fragrances a little bit more kick. But this – this is something else. It’s like the essence of spice, without the kick. It’s like those cinnamon toothpastes that don’t hurt your mouth but are still fierce – am I getting my point across? It smells like apple cider and a little bit bakery, delightful in its own way. I’m a convert.

     I had this burning in the bathroom for a few hours, and noticed that the throw kicked in very quickly with this votive, and that it was slow-burning in relation to the other ones I’ve tried.

     My verdict: Fall scents may not be as evil as I thought. Who knew.

~ ~ ~

You can check out Yankee Candle at or follow them on Twitter at


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