How about we start off by calling out your bluff, Mr. Hilfiger: your name is not Tommy, it’s actually Thomas Jacob Hilfiger.

     Now that we got the scandalous bit into the post, we can proceed.

     I never understood people’s (my parents’) obsession for Tommy Hilfiger as a brand. My parents think that TH is the epitome of style. They swat away the Christian Diors and the Chanels of the world and rush to Tommy’s whenever they need something in the least fancy.

     Case in point: the only store I was allowed to pick out clothes for my Bar Mitzvah from was (you guessed it) the Tommy’s. There’s nothing wrong with their preppy American style of clothing, but I didn’t see the need to get every. Single. Piece from them.

     But, this is a fragrance review blog, not one for the scars my parents left on me in my youth. Let’s talk Tommy Hilfiger fragrance, shall we?

     They’ve currently got 50 fragrances in the Fragrantica database, and a huge portion of that is flankers (what else is new?). Tommy Brights is no exception, a flanker to the ever-popular Tommy. Back in April’s Sniffing Adventures I commented that Tommy Brights smells like bitter grass to me, and I haven’t given it much thought since. That is, until I reached into my magical bag of samples and discovered a sample awaiting review.

     And so, review it I shall. This is, madams and sirs, Tommy Brights by Tommy Hilfiger.

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Brights sample

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Brights sample

     The carded vial is 1.5 mL, a fine size indeed. The fluid within is clear. The card is aligned with the fragrance’s box in presentation, which still confuses me as there is no correlation between the bottle’s colour scheme and the packaging’s. The inside of the card has a picture of said bottle, although quite off-centre, which is off-putting. Sloppy work, TH.

     Released in 2014, Tommy Brights, along with Tommy Girl Brights, were this year’s reply to Tommy’s annual summer flanker issue. I haven’t had the fortune of trying the others, although believe me, I’ve tried (hello, Tommy Hilfiger customer service? I’d like to sample Tommy Girl Summer Cologne 2005… hello, customer service? Where’d you go?!). At least they seem to flanker only their original two, and not every one of their collection (I’m looking at you, Klein).

     As for the fragrance… it’s exactly as I described it. Bitter grass. It’s so confusing to me why anybody would think this is an appealing note. There’s a slight pine/eucalyptus/citrus that’s sat in the sun all day aroma to it, but it’s not very good. Almost smells like the paste you use to make papier-mâché. Incredibly bad, smells like wall plaster and in general something you wouldn’t want on your person. BRB, rushing to wash this off.

     Verdict: Tommy Brights, you disappoint me. Brightness is not wall plaster. Good day to you, sir.

~ ~ ~

You can check out Tommy Hilfiger at or follow them on Twitter at


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