You’d think I would have written something about Katy Perry’s perfumes by now, but I haven’t.

     I think one of the first songs I ever heard on the radio was her infamous Hot N Cold, in the front seat of a taxi, with a bunch of crazies in the back, heading home from gifted school. Those were the days..

     I grew to like Katy quite a bit. Her songs aren’t half bad (her Prism album is really quite good), she’s quirky, and face it – she’s hot.

     With all of these things going for her, it was only a matter of time before she broke into the world of celebrity fragrances. And, break she did, with the release of 2010’s Purr.

     Purr took the world by storm, and I can remember it so vividly: I was in downtown Toronto for some reason, in the Eaton Centre, and on the giant blank wall above the mall entrance to Sears was a ginormous, larger-than-life ad for the fragrance. It was Katy in a leotard with a giant ball of yarn, and it was so noteworthy that I still remember it today.

     Killer Queen is her third fragrance, and I thought I’d have plenty of time to get to reviewing it before it went out of fashion. But, went out of fashion it did, replaced almost overnight with Killer Queen Oh So Sheer, and now (July 2014) Royal Revolution, which doesn’t even bare Killer Queen in it’s name.

     I got the sample with a Shoppers purchase – what else – and was vaguely impressed that Coty bothered with samples at all. Most celebrity fragrances nowadays get released with much hoopla but nothing to back it up. Let’s give this thing the royal treatment and find out what Killer Queen by Katy Perry is all about.

Katy Perry Killer Queen sample

Katy Perry Killer Queen sample

     The Killer Queen packaging is regal red, evoking thoughts of perhaps a plush pillow to rest a heavy crown on. The carded sample doesn’t miss a beat and features the same type of red/gold designs. The inside of the card has both a picture of the full-size bottle (which is a huge selling point) and the complete note breakdown, as well as pictures of various ingredients. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love it when samples have all my information right on the card – it saves me time, and makes it more favourable in my mind. My only problem with it is that the little cutout that hold the vial in place plain out doesn’t work. I’ve turned my samples bag inside out many times, looking for the vial that had slipped out from its card. Speaking of which, the glass vial is 1.5 mL, which is a perfectly fine size for a sample. The fluid is slightly beige, and the pump worked well.

     A 2013 release, Killer Queen was done by Laurent Le Guernec, creator of other popular celeb fumes such as Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely, as well as quite a few for Bond No 9. Doing work for a wide spectrum of clients and price points can give a perfumer much insight, which I appreciate.

     Okay, enough talking, let’s smell. We’ve already discussed at length on the blog my dislike for praline notes, and unfortunately Killer Queen lists (liquid) praline in its base. I find though that scents that are distasteful to me spring out right away, so to me the composition is heavy on the praline straight from the get-go. However, it is a caramel-like scent that is candy-like instead of the type found in Giorgio Armani’s Si, which I disliked profoundly if you remember. I find that Killer Queen takes on a gourmand aspect very quickly, with unlisted notes of cotton candy and sweet lemon candy. If I read the notes I identify flowers, but I wouldn’t have if I haven’t read them. A heavy food-y thing, maybe like the aroma of a chocolates shop where everything is made to order. There is a very low-key tartness to it, like berries on a hot chocolatey cake, and it gives it a freshness that is needed to take Killer Queen to the next level.

     Verdict: Killer Queen smells like it belongs in Guerlain’s collection, not on clearance with Snooki’s latest. It’s very good, perhaps a good one to try if you’re into things like Pink Sugar. As for me, I won’t be buying this, but I know what vial to pull out if I’m feeling especially yummy.

~ ~ ~

You can check out Katy Perry at or follow them on Twitter at


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