Wanna hear something embarrassing?

     When I was younger my mom bought me a decorative tea-light oil warmer, as pictured below.

My oil warmer.. if anybody has any idea what the character means, I'd love to know!

My oil warmer.. if anybody has any idea what the character means, I’d love to know!

     I didn’t really know what the purpose of said oil warmer was, and I certainly didn’t know what fragrance oils were. Unfortunately, neither did my dear mom.

     What we ended up doing was pouring about half a bottle of vanilla extract into the thing and lighting it up, thinking that it would distribute the scent throughout the house. It wasn’t the artificial stuff, either, so it got quite expensive.

     Needless to say, the results were less than astounding (can you say, scraping burnt extract off ceramic???). But, the experience got me familiar with vanilla and its wonderful scent.

     Since then I’ve tested many vanilla fragrances, including Bath & Body Works’ Vanilla Snowflake wallflower, their Black Raspberry Vanilla shower gel, and even a Lavender Vanilla candle.

     When I began getting interested in Yankee Candle’s collection, I knew I had to try at least one of their vanilla-based fragrances. So, this is that, reviewed.

     This week’s review is for Yankee Candle’s 1.75 oz votive in French Vanilla, which retails for $1.99.

Yankee Candle French Vanilla Votive

Yankee Candle French Vanilla Votive

     French Vanilla‘s wax is an off-white colour, cylindrical in shape with a wider top. The wick was centred and quite long, so I’ve trimmed it about halfway. The label on the front reads YANKEE CANDLE / FRENCH VANILLA / with authentic Yankee fragrance, on a background of a whole bunch of waffle cones. The whole candle is shrink-wrapped, with a sticker on the bottom carrying the bar code, safety information, and more. This is one of the more elegant Yankee votives, and the large jar in this looks gorgeous. Because of it’s colour it is also inconspicuous enough to put on a dinner table or decorate with.

     The Yankee Candle website description reads:

Sweet and traditional, the source of the vanilla fragrance is oil extracted from tropical orchids.

     You would think that there are only so many approaches to a vanilla fragrance, but you’d be wrong. So many wax vendors and fragrance companies have variations that sometimes it’s hard to remember what vanilla actually smells like. French Vanilla is not a pure vanilla scent, but rather vanilla with a hint of mint. The mint isn’t necessarily strong, but it gives the wax a ‘cool’ scent that is reminiscent of vanilla ice-cream. There’s a touch of lemon zest thrown in as well, and it is quite strong on cold sniff. For cold sniff this gets a 4/5 from me, for smelling good without being unique in any way.

     The projection for this particular candle was alright, and the scent stayed true mostly. No complaints in that department.

     My verdict: I don’t know if this is a limited time fragrance, but you might wanna check it out if you’re into vanilla scents. I’m actually considering getting this in a larger size for when I’m entertaining.

~ ~ ~

You can check out Yankee Candle at or follow them on Twitter at


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