There are so many perks to living in Canada, but waiting for new perfume releases to arrive is not one of them.

     At the time of writing (June 15th, 2014), we are still awaiting Prada’s Candy Florale, arguably one of spring’s biggest releases, which officially came out in early April. Yesssssssss.

     When I first came across Le Tentation de Nina on Fragrantica, I wasn’t too interested. Nina Ricci’s fragrances seem to constantly be on clearance at my local drugstore, and that makes me think less highly of them. But then I looked at the notes breakdown, and I was hooked: a macaroon note? That’s awesome! The video spot, which is terribly Willy Wonka-esque, only made me more excited.

     Of course, I couldn’t find the fragrance, which was supposed to be released in early January 2014, anywhere until the end of March – typical. It took another few weeks until I could hit up Sephora for a sample, so it is my great pleasure to *finally* deliver to you my thoughts on this (supposedly) bakery perfume.

     Spraying a tiny plastic pump has never been so sweet.

Nina Ricci La Tentation de Nina sample

Nina Ricci La Tentation de Nina sample

     A 2014 release, the creator of Le Tentation de Nina is Olivier Cresp (Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, Thierry Mugler Angel, etc.) in collaboration with Vincent Lemains, the master chef of Parisian patisserie Ladurée. The fact that a chef worked on this fragrance makes my insides tingle with excitement.

     When I first sprayed this I thought, uh-oh, I must have a bad batch or something. Because, instead of the promised macaroon note, I was getting a sour citrus note, almost like a sour gummy candy of some sort. But, working past that, there was depth to it; yes, it was incredibly citrus-y, but also a little woodsy, but in a food-y way. I looked at the notes and sighed. ‘Ah, yes. That’s what it is.’ Almonds. What a strange note in a mainstream fragrance! They gave it a slightly powdery curve, merging with a tiny budding rose. The smell in one word? Paris. Romantic, beautiful Paris. I was taken, swept away by currents of delicious smell. I was, however, frustrated that I wasn’t picking up the distinct macaroon note that this was becoming known for – on Fragrantica it’s been voted the strongest note, and in reviews people raved of the foodiness of it. Again I went to the bad batch theory… The dry-down was familiar, like I’d smelled it before; I quickly realized how similar it was to my mom’s old signature scent, DKNY’s Be Delicious.

     Verdict: To tell you the truth, no, I don’t think this is a macaroon scent, so I think they completely overestimated themselves, creating a nonexistent selling point. I think it’s got the potential to be a great summery perfume (despite the advertisement), for the 20+ crowd certainly, and for those with great taste in bottles (seriously, how cute?). Would I want a full bottle… maybe not, I don’t know that I’d ever find a suitable occasion for it. Check it out, if your country has it. Heaven knows how difficult it was to find here.

~ ~ ~

You can check out Nina Ricci at or follow them on Twitter at


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