Ahem. I’ve never watched a James Bond movie.

     Now now, there’s no reason to use such language. Is it really my fault that the prospect of a fictional British Secret Service agent doesn’t appeal to me? I couldn’t imagine sitting in the dark for two hours, watching gunfights and mysterious ladies, bad guys and Adele’s music (let the sky falllllllllllllllll, when it crumblessssssssssss). However, add some fantasy, and I’m there..

     Still, I think everyone has an idea (however slight) of who the James Bond character is. And for goodness sake, we all know the catchphrase: The name’s Bond. James Bond.

     What people may not know is that this fictitious character also has a line of fine fragrances – in real life, that is. When Eon Productions partnered with Proctor & Gamble to make this collection, I for one was skeptical. It’s one thing to do a fragrance for a celebrity, but for a fictional character…? How would that translate, especially to somebody who was not familiar with the world of the story?

     That, my friends, is what’s called a tease. And to answer that question, read on.

     This is my review for Eon Productions’ 50mL James Bond 007, which retails for somewhere between $40-50.

Eon Productions James Bond 007 box+bottle

Eon Productions James Bond 007 box+bottle

     Before we get to the packaging or the scent, I want to briefly discuss the name. James Bond 007 is not my favourite fragrance name. It’s not even on the list of my favourite fragrance names. I don’t like numbers in fragrance names, including Chanel’s Number 5, because there’s no fantasy to a number. Here are some fragrance names that evoke fantasy, and notice that none of them have a number to them:

  • White Diamonds (Elizabeth Taylor)
  • Endless Summer (Bath & Body Works)
  • Ghost of the Knoxville Girl (Poison Apple Apothecary)
  • Black Orchid (Tom Ford)

     See what I mean? I would have been content with ‘Thunderball’ just as much, or a simple ‘Skyfall’ to mark the release of the film.

     The box is similar to the bottle in design, with a black studded pattern and a silver accent strip. This fragrance is EDT concentration. Here’s something fun: the inside of the box has a ‘secret code’ for the fragrance website, which unlocks a behind-the-scenes, heavily-scripted, not at all convincing video for the fragrance. Then again, watch it for yourself – it’s not terribly secret, being unlisted on YouTube.

     The bottle for James Bond 007 looks like it could be boring, but it redeems itself. With a dark green/grey glass bottle that looks black on most backgrounds, a textured imprint that makes for easier grip, and poorly (not at all) concealed lines where the glass parts meet, it has the potential to be snooze-inducing. But then, the cap. A one-part, moving thing that is almost spy-like in esthetics, and super fun to watch in my GIF. You’re welcome. Based purely on the cap, this gets a solid B from me (even though distribution isn’t all that great). I can’t help but noting how similar it is in appearance to Dior’s Eau Sauvage Extreme, but I mean, whatever.


     James Bond 007 was released in 2012 for the release of ‘Skyfall’, the latest instalment of the popular franchise. Work for this fragrance was done by Givaudan, the Swiss giant.

     My friend Stacey gave this to me on my birthday, and insisted I spray it on while we were on the way home. The first thing I said to her was, wow – this is spicy! At first I enjoyed it, but then I began to analyze and was turned off. It’s got a distinct green apple note, that combined with the spiciness (cardamom) smells like… apple pie. It’s got a slight urinous brine/public swimming pool chlorine flavor to it, which is so weird. Up close it smells like a Febreeze freshner in apple/cinnamon, but from a distance it’s not terribly impressive. A little into the dry-down it changes to a perfectly done saltwater breeze, but it’s too late and too little for me.

     As I said before, I have not watched the movies, nor have I read the books. Maybe my description matches to something from the franchise, but I’m missing it. I’ve made it sound bad, but it is not. It’s just.. under-cooked, like a project that the company released before really refining it. It pulls in too many directions. I wear this mostly in winter, but with the spiciness I could see this working for fall. A fine daytime fragrance for men who are looking for something to just throw on. Will not be repurchasing when I’m through mine.

     Verdict: Stacey’s and my birthday gifts to each other seems to always be perfume, so maybe next year’s will be stunning 😉 Love you, bestie.

~ ~ ~

You can check out Eon Productions at or follow them on Twitter at


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