When I think about iconic fragrances, there’s a few that immediately come to mind.

     Chanel’s N°5 is certainly up there,  but so are Guerlain’s Shalimar and Thierry Mugler’s Angel, to name a few. When it comes to iconic men’s fragrances, my mind automatically goes to things like Old Spice, Brut, Coolwater by Davidoff, and Dior’s Fahrenheit. But what about the smell of Irish Spring, does it count as iconic?

     Well, let’s think. If a scent has been manufactured since 1972, has 6 discontinued ‘flankers’, has undergone a formula change at least once, and is still being sold today, I think it counts as iconic. More than that, maybe even a classic.

     Plus, who doesn’t know what Irish Spring soap smells like? It’s practically a household scent, arguably more so than, say, Old Spice, given that it is a necessity as opposed to a luxury.

     While we continue to ponder the question, let’s get ahead with my review of Irish Spring Original bar soap, which retails for as low as $1 at Dollar Tree (lucky Americans!). In Canada you’re more likely to find it at a grocery store or drugstore for about $3.

     The Original bar soap by Irish Spring comes two to a pack, each contained within a cardboard box. The boxes are branded on 4/6 sides, and the front face of the box reads: Irish Spring / DEODORANT SOAP / SAVON DESODORISANT / Original. The soap bars are marbled mint-green, which I think looks awesome.

     Fun fact about this soap’s scent: until the 90’s, the Original scent was known as Ulster Fragrance. Ulster is a province in Ireland, which makes a lot of sense. Some people say that Original smells like a toxic blend of chemicals, reminiscent of toilet cleaners used at truck stops – ouch. I agree that to the untrained nose that’s what Original could smell like, but I can pick the scent apart: it is a strong white floral with some herb notes. I find it invigorating and fresh, even though it is not a fresh scent by definition.

     The biggest sale point for Irish Spring soaps recently (or rather, from the start) has been the presence of dual deodorization agents in them. I don’t personally have too much of a BO problem, nor one of intense sweating, so I can’t comment on the success or lack of it that this product can offer. I can, however, comment on how the soap measures up. In terms of lather – good to excellent. Scent payoff in the shower – excellent. Scent longevity – poor. Another quality that buyers should be aware of is the potential this soap has to dry skin. Make sure you lotion up afterwards!

     As far as soap reviews go, I’m sure you’ll agree that this one was less than exciting. As such is the case, I thought I’d entertain you with a few commercials for Irish Spring from the past. Enjoy. And if that’s not enough for you, check out the following link, titled, Wacky Uses for Irish Spring Soap.

~ ~ ~

You can check out Irish Spring at or follow their parent company on Twitter at


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