Body Mist Review: GO FRESH BURST by DOVE

     Remember when I said I wouldn’t buy any new body mists? Yeah.. I lied.

     I’ve loved Dove’s Go Fresh Burst since my mom bought a bottle ages ago, so I was obviously in denial when I couldn’t find it on the shelf in the drugstore anymore. And again the next week. And again.

     The moment I realized the finality of the Dove Go Fresh Burst being discontinued, I began researching my options for creating a stockpile. It was already too late to drive to Shoppers, since they hadn’t had it in stock in months.

     At first, I thought the antiperspirant in the scent would be enough. I bought it, was excited about it for about 2.1 seconds, and then I wasn’t. The antiperspirant works fine, but… It’s just not the same.

     So then I wondered, what about ordering it online? The problem was (is, and always will be) that Amazon doesn’t ship most fragrances to Canada, and everyone knows that Amazon is where you go for discontinued products (right??). And don’t even get me started on – ugh.

     But then, I found London Drugs, and realized that – *gasp* – they have Go Fresh Burst – and it’s on sale! Given, I don’t exactly know where they’re from (London?) or why they have free Canadian shipping (London, Canada?). But who am I to argue?!

     I actively tracked the package over the next week, impatiently awaiting my bottle. And then, the wait was over – I had it! Muhahaha!

     Since this is my first purchase in too long (like, at least two weeks), I’m excusing the concentration (Dove, if you’re listening, I will buy every bottle of Go Fresh Burst EDT you ever make) to talk about it: this is my review for Dove’s 89 mL Go Fresh Burst body mist, which retails for $2.99 (and is a great tongue twister).

Dove Go Fresh Burst Body Mist

Dove Go Fresh Burst Body Mist

     The bottle for Go Fresh Burst is of the old Dove style, not the new, more angular one. It is clear, round and short. The cap and neck are a pale orange, and the liquid inside is peachy in colour. The wraparound sticker reads (excluding the French): Dove / go fresh / body mist / burst / nectarine & white ginger scent / hint of moisture / 89 mL. Very simple packaging that manages to cater correctly to the market it’s meant for – older women. The pump squirts quite a bit of product but in very short, snappy bursts. I have to say that I’m a bit confused at the size of this product, or rather the lack of a larger one. 89 mL is the equivalent of a travel size Bath & Body Works fine fragrance mist, and those are really tiny. Anyway.

     The scent for Go Fresh Burst doesn’t aim to be complicated or sophisticated, but it is anyway. Yes, it is nectarine and white ginger. No, it’s not that simple. The nectarine Dove used in Go Fresh Burst is the juiciest, most ripe citrus scent you could imagine. Sometime it smells like straight on spraying yourself with juice. However, there’s also a slightly white-floral side to this scent, like burying your face into a garden and really inhaling the flowers. Together the two sides dance beautifully into a fresh, fun summer scent that is refreshing and gorgeous.

     Something interesting about this line is that is claims to have moisturizing elements. Well, if they’re there, they’re not noticeable; it doesn’t feel sticky or heavy. I was curious to what in the formula made this moisturizing, and found a great article explaining glycerin, which is what Dove thinks will help you out. Check it out here. Also, another one of the ingredients – Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane – turns out to be a UVA absorber. Awesome!

     Performance wise, good longevity and projection. Easy to over apply, even!

     Verdict: this is an all-around awesome product, which makes it all the more tragic that it’s discontinued. If you can, get your hands on it. If not, track me down – I’ll be reeking from this until I run out.

~ ~ ~

You can check out Dove at or follow them on Twitter at


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