Perfume Review: SINNER by KAT VON D

     That’s right, I even review my Mother’s Day gifts.

     Mothers are pretty much the best kind of people there are. They care for us, they help us up when we’re down, and  they generally know how to make awesome food as well. I, for one, don’t say thank you to my mom enough, and that’s not right.

     Although I generally frown on these more commercial holidays (Valentines’ Day, St. Patrick’s Day, etc.), I decided that mom’s worth more than my political views. I bought her this roller ball (plus a beautiful, handmade card {handmade by me, that is}) to show my appreciation for her, and to give her more fragrance options – I know too well that only one fragrance isn’t enough!

     I picked Sinner because it is a sultry nighttime fragrance, and her Escada Born In Paradise is just not for those nights on the town. Needless to say, she loves it. I mean, duh. I picked it. Hmph. Arrogance aside, I want to tell you about Sinner because it is really something.

     Kat Von D, in case you didn’t know, is a celebrity tattoo artist, who has collaborated with Sephora enough times to have an exclusive fragrance and makeup line there. I know her concealer and foundation are the epitome of high-end makeup in the beauty blogger community, for one.

     My mom’s super against tattoos (which means my 21st birthday will come as a shock for her..), but she doesn’t seem to mind wearing it. After all, nobody but the proudest fumehead would approach a stranger and say, “Are you wearing Sinner? Gosh, I love Kat Von D the tattoo artist! Tattoos are great! Ha ha!”

     While you roll that terrifying laugh in your mind, please enjoy this week’s review for Kat Vod D’s 10mL Sinner roller ball, which retails for $15 at Winners.

Kat Von D Sinner

Kat Von D Sinner

     I’d tell you about the box, but unfortunately the box Sinner came in was for her other fragrance, Poetica (which is perhaps why it was being sold at Winners in the first place).

     The bottle for Sinner is a standard glass vial, rather thin in my opinion, with a black plastic screw-on cap. The glass is gradient, dark burgundy at the top fading to clear at the bottom. The design is of wispy cloud-like spirals printed in silver foil. Overall, not a bad looking roller ball, even though it is far from as gorgeous as the flacon for the full-size. Still, I love the ease of application, especially to pulse points such as behind the ears and the wrists.

     Sinner was released in 2009 to complement her other fragrance, Saint, and the perfumers for both are unlisted. The concentration is eau de parfum.

     I’ve already given you a hint at what this perfume smells like, so now let’s really dive into it. For the top, we have African orange blossom, mandarin orange and plum. However, I find that the jasmine from the middle finds its way up as well. Jasmine is not often seen as sultry or sexy, but in this composition that is the effect, combined with the citrus, courtesy of mandarin orange. Woodsy notes follow with a hint of cinnamon, and it dries down to a somewhat floral citrusy woodsy thing. It’s sexy as hell!

     Longevity and projection are great. I can tell you that you’ll be smelling yourself for hours when you have this on! What this fragrance is for is nighttime, maybe a date, for a 25+ woman. Definitely not a fragrance men could get away with without smelling like a woman (not that I mind).

     Verdict: I think this is a great fragrance, and it even got mom’s thumbs up. If you can, give it a try. And if Kat’s reading – keep doing you, boo. Love it.

~ ~ ~

You can check out Kat Von D on Sephora at or follow her on Twitter at


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