Sometimes I have a lot to say about something, and other times I struggle to come up with anything at all. This is one of those times.

     To find inspiration for this post, I looked up some reviews for the scent. One user on Makeupalley said it’s identical to L’eau D’Issey by Issey Miyake. This prompted me to look up the notes breakdowns for each scent, which ended in a dead end; turns out Yankee doesn’t sell Ocean Blossom anymore, so the description is nowhere to be found.

     HOWEVER, we are going to use the Makeupalley user’s comparison as a platform to jump off; maybe the notes for L’eau D’Issey can offer a hint about the makings of this scent.

     At any rate, this week’s review is for Yankee Candle’s 1.75 oz votive in Ocean Blossom, which retails for $1.99.

Yankee Candle Ocean Blossom Votive

Yankee Candle Ocean Blossom Votive

     Ocean Blossom is pale blue in colour, cylindrical in shape with a wider top. The wick is quiet long, so I trimmed it about halfway. The label on the front reads YANKEE CANDLE / OCEAN BLOSSOM / with pure, natural extracts, on a background of an upside-down flower on a surface of water. The whole candle is shrink-wrapped, with a sticker on the bottom with information, including the bar code, safety information, and more. My thoughts on the packaging: confusing, and the colours don’t work together very well.

     The top notes for L’eau D’Issey are: calone, lotus, melon, freesia, rose, cyclamen and rose water.

     Well, let’s see now. I couldn’t tell you that I smell any of those individual notes in this candle, but I can describe the vibe I am getting. I’m getting flowers in a drought, somehow dry and dusty as opposed to the ocean theme Yankee suggests. Actually, maybe it isn’t flowers I’m smelling, but a bush – a thorny bush. A word that comes to mind from this fragrance is Mexico – how charming.

     So, no, I don’t agree that this is an ‘ocean blossom’. I think they missed the boat entirely (pun not intended). Still, I like it. It’s a very summery fragrance and I’m glad to have a chance to sit down and smell it.

     The first burn on this formed a mushroom top, which is unusual in my experience with YC votives so far. This obviously has implications, including unsightly wick pieces in the wax pool. The projection was unremarkable but present, with most of the fragrance turning ‘sour fresh’ instead of my imaginary desert (which was, as you’ll remember, in the place of an ocean blossom). I must say I am deeply in love with the wax formula for the votives, because I find it easy to clean (including off skin – don’t even ask), easy to remove from the container, and it doesn’t lose scent while sitting out. Good work, science.

     My verdict: if you want your house to smell like an imaginary dessert with thorny bushes, run out and get it. Otherwise, don’t be fooled by the packaging.

~ ~ ~

You can check out Yankee Candle at or follow them on Twitter at


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