I have a fantasy.

     No, not like that, you pervert. A fantasy for my future.

     It goes something like this: a blissful, quiet, serene morning spent at my cottage on a beautiful lake. I imagine the manuscript to my latest novel at my feet, a glass of cold lemonade in my hand, Gucci sunglasses on my eyes, and the sound of waves lapping at the dock in my ears. I can envision myself kayaking around the lake, the sun beating down, without a worry in the world but what I’m going to have for lunch..

     Sadly, this is a bit off from reality (just a bit, and just for now). In the meantime, I grab onto anything that fits this magical world of mine, anything lake-y or serene or if possible, both. Hence, this candle may be the answer to my prayers. You could even say I might have a chunk of my fantasy, but as I’ve yet to even smell it, that would be getting ahead of myself.

     Now that you know my fantasy, you should tell me yours. Or don’t, pervert.

     At any rate, this week’s review is for Yankee Candle’s 1.75 oz votive in Drift Away, which retails for $1.99.

Yankee Candle Drift Away Votive

Yankee Candle Drift Away Votive

     Drift Away is light blue in colour, cylindrical in shape with a wider top. The wick is quiet long, which I’m trimming about halfway. The label on the front reads YANKEE CANDLE / DRIFT AWAY / with pure, natural extracts, on a background of my fantasy a boat on a lake. The whole candle is shrink-wrapped from head to toe, with a sticker on the bottom with information, including the bar code, safety information, and more.

     The Yankee Candle website description reads:

Cares float away on peaceful, blue waters surrounded by lush woodlands.

     Thanks tips, that totally helped. The only thing I’ve got to go by is Yankee’s Fresh categorization, which is about as helpful as an ‘under construction’ page on a website you want to visit. Fortunately, my nose is the best in town (self-proclaimed, thanks). At first I tried to be all scientific about it and pick apart the individual notes, but together with my family I’ve reached my conclusion: powdery laundry detergent. Nice, but has nothing to do with my fragile dreams and hopes. Sad face.

     Projection wise, this was good. The room filled with the clean smell in less than an hour, which is good in my books. Clean burn, even burn, lovely burn.

     My verdict: if you’re a laundry detergent fanatic (and I’m sure those actually exist), you might wanna take a look. Otherwise, smell on, brethren.

~ ~ ~

You can check out Yankee Candle at or follow them on Twitter at


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