I haven’t had much luck with Givenchy

     The first Givenchy fragrance I tried, Hot Couture, came in a slimy plastic vial and was a dusty pepper fragrance. The second, Dahlia Noir, is a paper sample, which is possibly the worst type of sample you can get.

     It’s nearly impossible to judge a fragrance from a tiny square of cloth that’s been sprayed ages ago, and it’s downright impractical in terms of determining projection and silage.

     Still, I always say this when it comes to paper samples: they’re official. What I mean is, this is what the brand wants me to see, and of course, smell. Hence, it’s their fault if I can’t tell what I think of it, not mine, and my review stands.

     Let’s give this thing a try before I change my mind.

Givenchy Dahlia Noir front

Givenchy Dahlia Noir front

Givenchy Dahlia Noir back

Givenchy Dahlia Noir back

     A 2011 release, the creator of Dahlia Noir is Francois Demachy, who has also done 5 other Givenchy fragrances and many others for Dior.

     Based purely on the presentation, I expected this fragrance to be old-fashioned, heavy, unappealing. I was wrong. This opens with an orchid note that smells a bit like baby powder, which is a lot like Bath & Body Works’ Enchanted Orchid fragrance. There’s a little bit of woodsiness to Dahlia Noir, like warm wood chips or something. My mother’s input is that this is primarily rose, but I disagree. It’s a good ‘mature perfume’ for the younger generation, something I’m enjoying but wouldn’t rush out to buy.

     Verdict: If you like floral fragrances, give this a try. It’s not bad, but not exactly up my alley. Next from Givenchy I want to try Pi, partly because I’m hungry and partly because it’s supposed to be a classic, and there’s nothing I love more than bashing a classic. Stay tuned.

~ ~ ~

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