This fragrance mist business has got to stop.

     The thing is, I’m somehow convincing myself that $13 is a good price for a bottle of, well, extremely diluted fragrance. And really, it’s not.

     These mists have about 1%-3% oils concentration, the lowest on the scale, which means they fade quickly, have poor silage, and generally aren’t worth a fumehead’s time of day.

     Hence, I’m making a promise to you, fragrant friends, that I will try VERY hard not to buy fragrance mists any longer – unless it’s something really cool I want to talk about on here. If I want a fragrance, I’ll man up and buy a perfume. B&BW’s Sweet Pea, which I’ve had in fragrance mist, is currently on my to-buy list as an EDT.

     So, in an attempt to cleanse the house of these watered-down things, I’m purging them. This is my review for Hollister’s 250 mL Crescent Bay body mist, which retails for $13.

Hollister Crescent Bay Body Mist

Hollister Crescent Bay Body Mist

     I picked Crescent Bay up on sale for $7, and you can see just how excited I was about it in the video I made that day (link here). They also had an EDT version of this for pretty cheap ($11), and I’m still beating myself over not picking that up instead. This is my second Hollister scent, the first being their Breakline cologne (my review here). My problem with Hollister is that their prices change too greatly, too often. I mean, at the time of writing (April 2014) Breakline is going for $16, and it was $64 when my brother picked it up for me back in 2013. Totally annoying, and it turns me off their collection.

     Something else to note is: Hollister’s body mists are cheaper than Bath & Body Works’, with more product. Given, the B&BW selection is wider, changes more often, and the 236mL they come with is more than enough. Still, it makes me go hmmm.. do I really need a bottle of this? Maybe not. Then again, I’ve never been known to make too much sense with my fragrance purchases.

     The bottle for Crescent Bay is clear in colour, long and narrow in shape, with a two-piece plastic cap on top. The floral front sticker reads (excluding the French): HOLLISTER / CALIFORNIA / Crescent Bay / BODY MIST / 8.4 fl. oz. / 250mL e. The back sticker has safety information, the ingredients, manufacturer info, and the bar code is on a separate sticker on the bottom. The fluid is light pink in colour, and the sprayer distributes a large amount evenly.

The Hollister website description reads:

Juicy watermelon and California poppy come together to create a brilliant, playful scent.

     Juicy watermelon is right! This smells like the sweetest, ripest, most delicious watermelon in the field, served in big slices with ice-cold lemonade. There’s a honey side to it, a warm sweet scent that isn’t sugary like the fruit. I won’t pretend to know what California poppy smells like, but I can tell you it isn’t relevant anyway since it’s nowhere in this thing. Just wonderful, delightful watermelon, lemon, honey, and purple grapes. Summer joy in a bottle.

     The smell of watermelons isn’t awfully strong naturally, nor does it stick to everything, so maybe that’s why I was originally turned off by how potent Crescent Bay is. If you’re going out during the summer but don’t want to bother with a heavy perfume, this will do.

     Verdict: I hate that I love this, because it makes my earlier rant seem stupid. The scent is great, but maybe it’d be better in an EDT? I don’t really have a leg to stand on here. Recommended.

~ ~ ~

You can check out Hollister at or follow them on Twitter at


3 responses to “Body Mist Review: CRESCENT BAY by HOLLISTER

  1. Your post made me smile so widely ! 😀
    Okay I’m pretty late but I know how happy I am when I get a comment on a old post 😉

    I love to say that I have all Hollister body mists (well I hated the Vista Cove one and the Palisades Beach one too so I don’t have them anymore) and I’ve just bought 4 more because they seemed so great and let’s face it : they’re limited edition. I hated missing the Winter Daydream one this summer and the Orchid Crush one too…

    Okay they fade away pretty quickly (maybe 2 hours tops) but I love them soo soo much ! Sweet amazing scents that remind you of CA even when you’ve never ever set foot there (and France is pretty far away for California haha !).

    Well thanks for this amazing post and making me smile, you’re defo going into my favorite blogs !


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