Maybe I should become a teacher.

     My mom being one, she receives presents from her students for the holidays. The presents are usually predictable, with bath & body products being the most common.

     Obviously, if there’s a fragrance in the house, it’s fair game for reviewing, even if it isn’t in my personal collection.

     When she got this set I was convinced it was called sweet berry tulips – I don’t know what reason I had to believe this, or how I could have possibly missed the ‘wild’ in the name so many times, but it is what it is.

     ..And what it is, ladies and gentlemen, is my review for Bath & Body Works’ 236 mL Wild Berry Tulips fine fragrance mist, which retails for $14.50. Please note that at the time of writing (April 2014) this scent is discontinued by Bath & Body Works.

Bath & Body Works Wild Berry Tulips Fine Fragrance Spray

Bath & Body Works Wild Berry Tulips Fine Fragrance Spray

     The bottle for Wild Berry Tulips is a clear, long and narrow plastic tube, with a floral motif on the front and two blackberries. It reads (not including the French): SIGNATURE COLLECTION / WILD BERRY TULIPS / fine fragrance mist / e 236 mL/8 fl oz. The bottom has a small sticker with the bar code and safety information.

I couldn’t find an official scent description, but a user on MakeupAlley listed the notes as they were on the B&BW website back when it was still being sold:

Top Notes: Luscious Tangerine, Wild Red Berries, Dewy Freesia, Water Lily Mid Notes: Strawberry Blossoms, Sheer Honeysuckle, Gardenia Petals Dry Notes: Fluid Vanilla, Liquid Amber, Creamy Woods, Sensual Musk.

     There are two very separate, very different halves to this fragrance. The first is a combo of sweet berry scents and honey-sweet florals that smell a bit medicinal. This is the part I love, I’d spray this all day long if I didn’t have to then go through the second half, which although not unpleasant, has no logical place in the composition. We’re talking woodsy, musky heaviness, uncharacteristic for the youth of the top notes, a slap to the face of the scent’s integrity.

     Now for a bit of good news: this lasts quite a bit longer than the other Bath & Body Works fragrance mists I’ve used, namely Sweet Pea. Once again, this is NOT a substitute for a perfume, but an affordable pick-me-up throughout the day.

Bath & Body Works Wild Berry Tulips lotion & shower gel

Bath & Body Works Wild Berry Tulips lotion & shower gel

     Besides the fragrance mist, the set came with a full-sized body lotion (236mL) and shower gel (295mL), both of which are delightful and make me happy beyond measure. The reason I’m not reviewing them is because I think it would be redundant, but you can check out my other reviews for Bath & Body Works products for my notes about formula, packaging, and performance. Something to note about Bath & Body Works’ shower gels that have ‘berries’ notes: of the three I’ve tried (Sweet on ParisWid Berry Tulips, and Black Raspberry Vanilla), all of them have a certain sharpness to them, one that turns me off in the bottle but is not prominent when lathered up. Just a thought, in case you noticed the same and thought you were crazy.

     Verdict: I think I used to enjoy this fragrance more than I do nowadays. Will not be purchasing if it gets reissued.

~ ~ ~

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4 responses to “Fragrance Mist Review: WILD BERRY TULIPS by BATH & BODY WORKS

  1. Why was this product discontinued. I love the scent & would like to purchase some. Is that possible at all ? I !ove Wild berry Tulip

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