The realization that this is my last sample is a scary one.

     I mean, it feels like just yesterday I was sitting on the floor, surrounded by vials of all sorts, staring at their various labels helplessly and wondering how in the world I’d ever get through all of them. The answer was, as I found out, one at a time.

     Many perfume fanatics frown upon samples, or rather the people who use/collect them. They think you can’t be truly interested in fragrance unless you blind-buy three $100 bottles a month. To them I say, thanks, but no thanks. If the manufacturer has gone out of their way to get the samples out there, I intend to use them up. Besides, if I’d bought a bottle of each fragrance I’d reviewed, I’d be sitting knee high in 99% full bottles that I hate.

     Not all of it is negative, however. I’ve found some real treasures, including Honey by Marc Jacobs, White Patchouli by Tom Ford, Acqua di Gio Essenza by Giorgio Armani, and others (notable mention to Floris London Amethyst). I might not have purchased them yet, but that doesn’t mean I don’t recommend them at every chance I get, and I think that counts for something.

     I’m at a point in my collection where I have enough ‘full-size’ products to talk about for a while, but I will always be on the hunt for new and exciting samples to share with you. I hope you come along for the journey.

     At any rate, this is Burberry Brit Rhythm, a men’s fragrance. I have never been attracted to Burberry’s brand, maybe out of sheer ignorance or perhaps because I didn’t like Body, which I reviewed back in December. This, however, may be a new direction for Burberry, so I’m delving in anyway.

Burberry Burberry Brit Rhythm sample

Burberry Burberry Brit Rhythm sample

     The sample comes in a clear 2 mL glass vial with a white cap within a white plastic baggie, with silver lettering and clear fluid.

     A 2013 release, the creators of Burberry Brit Rhythm are Olivier Polge (Dior Homme, Dior), Dominique Ropion (Euphoria, Calvin Klein), and Anne Flipo (My Queen, Alexander McQueen). Rhythm appears to be a flanker to 2004’s Burberry Brit, a Oriental Woody creature (Rhythm is considered Leather).

     It is interesting to note that on Fragrantica people have compared this fragrance to Alien by Theirry Mugler (a woman’s fragrance), Gold by Jay-Z (which I don’t like), and Only the Brave by Diesel (good stuff!).

     To me this opens with a very sweet note that I want to call anis although I have no reason to believe that’s what it is. In this respect it is neither Gold nor Only the Brave, but I haven’t spent enough time with Alien to say where their similarities lay. This to me consists of the entire top, because after the sweetness I find the scent evolving. Instead of moving to leather like the pyramid suggests, it turns woodsy and patchouli, which is utterly flattering. There’s something clean and aftershave-y about this, something fleeing – basil maybe?

     I have had it on my skin for a little while now and have concluded that it cannot possibly be anis that is giving me this nutty-sweet impression, but tonka beans. They are found at the base of the fragrance pyramid, but they radiate their aura with such ferocity that you might as well rename this to Burberry Tonka Bean.

Collective thoughts about what I’ve sniffed today: I’m grinning as I call this a one-note fragrance because it is so ridiculous. Good, but not a fragrance anybody should wear! The quest for a likeable Burberry continues…

~ ~ ~

You can check out Burberry at or follow them on Twitter at


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