When a product gets too much hype in the beauty community I generally find it unworthy to speak of it.

     While there’s certainly a need to cover new fragrances, and while it’s also interesting to read about oldies-but-goldies, how many times can you sit through the same thing? I believe I have a unique voice, but there’s only so many angles to approach a story!

     I’ve had many opportunities to smell 1 Million (the original), but I never found the temptation to do so. The presentation looked intimidating to me (a bar of gold? *steps away quickly*) and the endless reviews I’ve ignored somehow made me turn in the other direction – I’m not proud of it. My friend Cameron won’t (see: can’t) stop raving about it; he calls it ‘the fragrance he’s been searching for’ – hmmm.

     This is one of 1 Million‘s flankers, 1 Million Intense. I think this was a gift-with-purchase, but who knows with these things. Now that it’s finally in front of me, and since this is NOT the original composition, I’ve giving it a try. With this fragrance I’m doing things differently. I will wear this all day before writing about it, so I can give you an idea of longevity and dry-down as well as the opening. Just in case, I’ll be carrying a vial of some trusty fluid – who knows whether I’ll need to wash this off!

     Some background on Paco Rabanne: Francisco Rabaneda Cuervo started by designing jewellery for high-fashion houses, and started his own label in 1966. His first fragrance, Calandre, launched him into the industry, and he has created 52 scents since then.

Paco Rabanne 1 Million Intense sample

Paco Rabanne 1 Million Intense sample

     The 1.5 mL carded sample comes in a clear glass vial with a black cap, with solid black font.

     A 2013 release, the creators of the original 1 Million are Christophe Raynaud (Karleidoscope, Karl Lagerfeld), Olivier Pescheux (the controversial Eau Mo Pour Gay, Perfumes Hedoné), and Olivier Pescheux (Legend, Mont Blanc). I scribbled a few notes throughout my fragrance test-driving day, so here they are:

  • intoxicating, boozy spicy; a spice market (in regards to top notes)
  • sweaty hot man skin (good!)
  • doesn’t last very long (solid weak-medium projection for about an hour)
  • dries down to entirely unremarkable.

     When I look at the notes breakdown now, I can see that my so-called spice market is attributed to cinnamon, saffron, black pepper, and cardamom. The sweaty hot man skin? Perhaps that was just a fantasy.

Collective thoughts about what I’ve sniffed today: maybe it works as a night scent (clubbing, going out, etc.), but not so much for an all-day powerhouse. I might consider purchasing this. but it’s not a priority.

~ ~ ~

You can check out Paco Rabanne at or follow them on Facebook at


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