When I was asked by a non-fumehead if I have smelled Ralph Lauren’s red perfume, I replied, “Which one?”

     A simple Google search could show you just how many brands have a fragrance named ‘red’ (give or take a few additional, descriptive words). Unfortunately, it would seem Ralph Lauren’s product development team is rather oblivious to this.

     Regardless of how great this fragrance may be, I already dislike it because I’m confused as to what line it belongs to, and furthermore because RL has another red fragrance, Big Pony 2 (which I also have a sample for and will get to reviewing soon enough). This in itself is not a huge problem, but an unnecessary one.

     Polo Red is a flanker to 1978’s Polo, which was apparently successful, but I digress.

Ralph Lauren Polo Red sample

Ralph Lauren Polo Red sample

     The fragrance film (below) paints this as an evening to night sporty fragrance for men, and I’m nearly positive that the actor is the very one who modelled for Lauren’s Polo Blue (can we expect a Polo purple anytime soon??). Watch if you’d like, or don’t. It makes no difference to me (nor Ralph, I’m sure). My inner videographer urges me to note that at 1:03 the sun moves up instead of down. Hurray for sun.

     The 1.5 mL box-card sample comes in a clear glass vial with a fittingly red cap, with solid black font and clear fluid.

     A 2013 release, the creator of Red is Olivier Gillotin, who has also done popular fragrances like Beyoncé’s Heat and Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck. Looking at the notes pyramid I’m getting really excited about this one – it has the potential to be a real killer. *Spray* The air is instantly filled with sweet lemon and coffee, reminiscent of Thierry Mugler’s A*Men. There’s a certain fruity sweetness to it that isn’t attributed to anything in particular. The top is really a decongestant in how fresh and sweet it is, almost like a lemon sherbet. To be honest, I think a woman could pull this off as easily as any man. Very light and summery, lovely all together. Underneath all of this there’s a herbal hum that brings the fun down a notch to make it wearable. Entirely approachable as a starter fragrance.

Collective thoughts about what I’ve sniffed today: there is disconnect between the advertising and scent here, as if the marketing team completely missed the point of this fragrance. It is daytime, not night, and not sporty in the least. I will use up this sample, but have no intention to purchase in the foreseeable future.

~ ~ ~

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