The reason that I love reviewing a new perfume is that I get to learn about the people who made it, as well as the brand it comes from.

     The bottle whispers one side of a fragrance’s story to the wearer’s ear, but the scent is what narrates it for the rest of the world. And because of what I do, I get to tell so many stories to you, my readers. I love that.

     Anyway, this is Untold by Elizabeth Arden. Surprisingly enough, the founder of the company, Florence Nightingale Graham, was a Canadian – she grew up not over half an hour from me, which is completely amazing and unappreciated here, for sure. Her story of success is an inspiration for many in the cosmetics industry, myself included (at least I’d like to think I’m in it!).

     This perfume is one of Arden’s 45, and this is the fragrance film.

     I bet the brief that went out for this spot was something like this: “We want a pretty, powerful, cheeky girl who walks by a guy. He looks back at her, and without looking at him she knows he’s done it – she’s also a physic. She smiles, and continues walking away.” BO-RING! I think that this type of commercial has been done to death, but at least they made it a touch interesting in the end – is she opening the window for his apartment? And WHY is she taking off her heels!?

Elizabeth Arden Untold sample

Elizabeth Arden Untold sample

     The 1.5 mL carded sample comes in a clear glass vial, with solid gold font and pale yellow fluid.

     A 2013 release, the creator of Untold is Clement Gavarry, who has also done Giorgio Armani’s Armani Code, Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely, and Tom Ford’s Black Violet. This is considered a fruity floral, which the market is currently saturated with (an excellent one is Viva la Juicy by Juicy Couture). Untold opens with a fresh apple that’s done flawlessly, much to my surprise. I’ve disliked so many perfumes because of their apple notes that this just comes completely unexpected. There is a soft fruity undertone mixed with white florals, and juicy pear that smells as if fresh from the fruit bowl. When the fruity explosion dims a bit you can detect hints of sweet patchouli, as well as some other heavy notes that are a complete contradiction to the opening. Confusing but well-done.

Collective thoughts about what I’ve sniffed today: the top notes make this worth a sniff, but I’m not running out to buy this any time soon.

~ ~ ~

You can check out Elizabeth Arden at or follow them on Twitter at


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