“I found a bunch of B&BW stuff in the closet, do you want them?”

     This was what my mom said as she unloaded two bottles of full-sized lotion, a fine-fragrance mist, and a shower gel in my room.

     You know me, I’m not one to turn my nose up at last year’s product! If anything, I’d be more interested to get my nose in it! Actually, I have no idea when this stuff is from, but since it’s still being sold online, it can’t be from too far back. And since I’ve just emptied a bottle of lotion, this couldn’t have come at a better time. Let’s get sniffing!

     This is my review of the Enchanted Orchid body lotion by Bath & Body Works, which retails for $11.

Bath & Body Works Enchanted Orchid Body Lotion

Bath & Body Works Enchanted Orchid Body Lotion

     The lotion comes in a clear plastic bottle with a metallic silver cap. The floral label reads (minus French): enchanted orchid / body lotion / SIGNATURE COLLECTION / Bath & Body Works / e 88 mL/3 FL OZ. The product itself is pale pastel pink and thin in consistency.

     Without looking at the notes for this fragrance (which is also available in shower gel, triple moisture body cream, and fine-fragrance mist), I’d immediately call this Bath & Body Works’ response to baby powder. I don’t have a container of the stuff on hand, but I swear they smell the same. On the skin the baby powder smell resonates, but smaller floral notes become visible, if hardly so. It comes off as a soft green floral, which is calming and lovely, but I never would have purchased this on my own.

     The lotion absorbs quickly and without leaving residue, like B&BW’s other products (which is why they’re my go-to for body products). No gross slippery feelings in the shower, no sticking to your cloths – you put this on and then you’re good! The scent is strongest on application, and last for about 20 minutes close to the skin.

     In conclusion, I don’t mind using this, but it’s not the type of scent I would gravitate towards on my own. Worth a sniff.

~ ~ ~

You can check out Bath & Body Works at or follow them on Twitter at


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