I would tell you where and when I got this sample, if only I could remember.

     I think this was slipped into some purchase I made in the past months, because one day there’s only the cat on the table, and the next there is Only The Brave. Before I delve into the fragrance, I want to talk about the name.

     I read that Diesel came up with it as a fitting title for their first ‘stand alone’ men’s fragrance, meaning there’s no women’s counterpart to accompany it. This generally happens unnoticed in the industry as far as I could tell, so maybe I’m just analyzing it too much.

     Regardless, in a statement about the perfume that’s been repeated enough times to make it sound legit, Diesel said, “Only The Brave is a fragrance for all men who chose to be heroes.” On one hand, I love the mantra; bravery is not a trait, but rather something we can all choose to be. On the other, why does the word ‘men’ have to come up? Were their marketing consultants so concerned that a redneck who is not confident enough of his gender would not buy if it didn’t reassure him he’s a man? Still, their fragrance film (below), almost seems homoerotic towards the end – which message are they trying to send here?

Diesel Only the Brave sample

Diesel Only the Brave sample

     The 1.5 mL carded sample comes in a clear glass vial, with solid blue font and clear fluid.

     A 2009 release, the creators of Only The Brave are Alienor Massenet (Intuition for Men, Estée Lauder), Pierre Wargnye (L’Homme, YSL), and Olivier Polge (Florabotanica, Cristobal Balenciaga). The concept of the fluid is a citrus-leather-woody thing, leather being an integral part of Diesel’s brand. This opens with an extremely well done citrus opening, weighed down by animalic leather that has a wonderful sweetness to it, almost chocolatey in nature. Then this perfume does something rather unexpected – it becomes fresher than it was originally. Something watery in this gives it a breath of fresh air while balancing the leather note, and the combination is dizzying in its newness.

Collective thoughts about what I’ve sniffed today: the name makes sense in a more modern way than to be expected. What I mean is, this is edgy, fresh bravery – bravery for the new age, in concept at least. Lovely fragrance and I love the bottle. Will purchase in the future.

~ ~ ~

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