Here’s to Sephora, which makes boring shopping trips worthy through their healthy samples program.

     Seriously, I have yet to find a retailer who is as good with samples as Sephora is. First, they include 3 official samples with any purchase, online or in a physical store. Second, through their million+1 codes, you can get anything from a mini perfume with your order to a bag of 8 samples – and that’s on top of your original 3. But perhaps best of all, their SA’s are typically more than happy to make you a sample of a perfume you want to try at home – or two, or three. A lovely associate in Buffalo, New York bottled me some Homme Sport, and I’ve worn it enough to earn it a review.

Dior Homme Sport sample

Dior Homme Sport sample

     The sample came in two clear plastic vials in a plastic bag, with pale yellow fluid.

     A 2008 release, this perfume was created by Francois Demachy, who is also responsible for 6 Fendi perfumes and some 60+ Dior fragrances (among others). The concept of Homme Sport, as reported by Fragrantica, was to evoke “the feeling and sensation that we have while eating candy.” I don’t know what sort of candy they have where Demachy is from, but to me candy is supposed to be sweet, which is a polar opposite of the bitter citrus notes Homme Sport opens with. Instead of coming off fresh and youthful like it’s supposed to, it has a medicinal ginger scent that is nowhere near young – it’s late 30’s at least. Perhaps he was going for the throat lozenges? Does that count as candy? Awfully subtle, this is a nice daytime that can pass for good but not great. Like with many other ‘sporty’ fragrances, the refreshing citrus mark is missed. If you’re in for that kick, I hear that Absolute Man by Bruno Banani might have what you’re looking for.

Collective thoughts about what I’ve sniffed today: I keep going back to the spot I sprayed it, hoping it had evolved, but alas it has not. I must have been in a particularly good mood when I got the sample, and even more so when I wore it. Not a purchase for me.

~ ~ ~

You can check out Dior at or follow them on Twitter at


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