Bath & Body Works’ semi-annual sale strikes again!

     Last December I worked shopping at B&BW into my schedule, and to my dismay, the product they had out on the floor was still from before their big revamp of 2013. Of course, that didn’t stop me from picking this shower gel up! This is Bath & Body Works’ Sweet on Paris shower gel, which retails for $11.50 ($4 in SAS).

Bath & Body Works Sweet on Paris Shower Gel

Bath & Body Works Sweet on Paris Shower Gel

     The plastic bottle has a curved body with a chrome plastic cap, and the sides are raised to allow for easier grip in the shower. The front label reads (minus French): Sweet on PARIS /shower gel / SIGNATURE COLLECTION / Bath & Body Works / e 295 ml / 10 fl. oz. The label’s background is teal, with a motif of French-looking things like macaroons and the Eiffel Tower. The soap itself is light blue. Packaging get’s an A from me!

     This scent is super tricky, because it smells completely different in the bottle than it does when applied to wet skin. In the bottle it’s awful similar to their Black Raspberry Vanilla scent, but when lathered up into a foam, this smells similar to Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue perfume, with a hint of sweet berries. To me this doesn’t say Paris so much, being much more reminiscent of the beach and summer. Really enjoyable, but I’ll probably not purchase this one again.

     Their formula is nice, but leaves me craving more fragrance – both in the shower, and after. I haven’t noticed any of the advertised moisturizing or fortifying properties, so don’t reach out for this if you’re after those.

I’m getting a bit tired of B&BW’s shower gels – which brand should I try next?

~ ~ ~

You can check out Bath & Body Works at or follow them on Twitter at


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