Note to self: smell before you buy.

     Bath & Body Works carries a giant variety of products. From home fragrance to (surprise!) bath &  body products, and even a separate men’s line. When I first heard about this line I did a double back-flip (mentally, that is) and ran to smell it. Much to my delight, I found a scent I loved – White Citrus. Since I obviously don’t need yet another bottle of cologne, I decided to try the scent in a body product – mini body lotion it is! Without looking into it too much I added the lotion to my basket and continued shopping. Only when I opened it at home – sniff, sniff – did I realize I’d gotten the wrong product – this was White Citrus for women. Oh. And contrary to what the B&BW website says, they are very different.

     This is my review of White Citrus mini (or travel size, whichever you prefer) body lotion by Bath & Body Works, which retails for $5.

Bath & Body Works White Citrus Lotion

Bath & Body Works White Citrus Lotion

     The lotion comes in an identical (if green) bottle to it’s bigger counterpart, only as the name suggests, mini. It’s interesting to note that the caps of the mini lotions (and shower gels) are colourful, where the bigger sizes have metallic silver caps. The floral label reads (minus French): WHITE CITRUS / body lotion / with vitamin e, jojoba & shea butter / SIGNATURE COLLECTION / Bath & Body Works / e 88 mL/3 FL OZ. The product itself is white and thin in consistency.

     I find it all a bit pretentious that B&BW’s lotions are supposed to have top, middle and bottom notes – it’s lotion for God’s sake! To me this smells like being six and ‘helping’ my mom bake an orange cake. She’d grate lemon zest to add to the mixture, and the ensuing aroma was sweet and citrus-y like candied peels of lemons.

     The lotion absorbs quickly and without leaving residue, which I find to be a tremendous pro. This is to say that you will not feel sticky throughout the day after putting this on, and you won’t feel slippery next time you step in the shower. The scent is strongest on application, and last for about 20 minutes. So, definitely get the body mist to go along with this if you’re in it for lasting power. Or if you’re a dude and can actually tell products apart, get the cologne.

I’m not too upset with myself for buying the wrong product, especially because at 88 mL the travel size bottle is extremely small. Maybe next time I’ll actually buy the right one. 😉

What’s your favorite body lotion?

~ ~ ~

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