Sniffing Adventures (May 2014)

During the month I come across so many products that it’s hard to remember which ones I like, and why I do. So, this is my way to track my thoughts – straight from my Notes app to the blog. The pictures were snapped with my iPhone 3GS – that’s a 3MP camera, in case you’re wondering – so please forgive the quality. Make sure to let me know what you think, and as always, thanks for reading 🙂



May 2014 Sniffing Adventures


30/4/14 (technically not May, but after April’s post was written)

Shoppers Drug Mart

– Marc Jacobs Daisy: I can’t believe I’ve never really smelled this before, considering how popular it is. The lovely beauty expert on duty Julia recommended I tried this out after I pointed out that I disliked Tommy Hilfiger’s Tommy Brights because the grass note in it was bitter. She told me that Daisy is a grass-based fragrance, which threw me off because I had always assumed it would be heavily floral. Given, I only smelled it briefly on a strip, but I liked it – the grass in it was indeed more fresh than bitter. Good!



Bed Bath & Beyond

– Colonial Candle Vanille Creme candle: How delicious! My mom and I were just discussing how much we dislike Yankee’s vanilla cupcake scent, when this came up – so good! It smells like decadent vanilla icing. These come in huge oval glass containers, for $32 – highly recommend trying it, although I can’t comment on projections or burn or any of the really important stuff. Sorry about it.


Real Canadian Superstore

– Tim McGraw McGraw: I was *this* close to picking this up, before I realized I’d already bought two perfumes that day. Good price ($9.99) even if it is just a 30mL. I remember trying a TM fragrance at some point and loving it, but I can’t for the life of me remember which one it was – McGraw or Southern Blend?? I’m so upset with myself for not picking up a set of the two a few months ago for the price of one – darn it, past Gil!



Bridgewater Candle Company Moon Struck candle

Bridgewater Candle Company Moon Struck candle

– Bridgewater Candle Company Moon Struck candle: Has anybody ever heard of this company? I looked them up and couldn’t find the particular scent on the website. Nevertheless, how cute is this packaging? The scent is super nice, too; don’t really have the words to describe it.. maybe ghostly?




Marni Marni

Marni Marni

– Marni Marni: Smells like sweet poison. Maybe it’s because I’ve watched too much Once Upon a Time, but this would be the perfect smell for the evil queen.

Tokyo Milk Parfumarie Curiosite Excess

Tokyo Milk Parfumarie Curiosite Excess

-Tokyo Milk Parfumarie Curiosite Excess: I’ve seen this line a few times but wasn’t brave enough to try it. I picked Excess to try because of all the bottles, the one with an octopus spoke most to me. Go figure. Excess is a lot of incense , reminiscent of Tom Ford’s Black Orchid. Got a sample, so expect a review at some point.

– Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black: EVERYONE’S talking about this thing, and to be honest I was never looking forward to it. But, I was pleasantly surprised. Nirvana Black is worth the hype! It’s a sensual purple scent, and the bottle is pretty as well.

– Elizabeth and James Nirvana White: This one was not worth the hype. Its a more sad version of Nirvana Black.

– Cristobal Balenciaga Rosabotanica: A floral for the middle aged crowd. A little bit watery, with a pretty and well-built bottle. Thinking about it I realized I never even tried the original – am I missing out?


The Bay

– Michel Germain Sexual Fresh pour Homme: Someone I used to be close with wore this and it was addicting on them. I never noticed how sour this is, but it’s like sour apples. I was curious to why they had a gift set with two bottles of this, but turns out one was an aftershave. Aftershave, most fume heads would agree, is unnecessary. As is the scented deodorant that was the final piece in the set. Got a sample, expect a review/rant about said person.


The Body Shop

– Satsuma: I smelled this again because I remember raving about this last time. I finally figured out what I love about it: it smells like Crush. Fizzy, fresh, delicious. Transfers onto the skin, too, although not as well. Not so much in the body butter, and certainly not in the soap. Still want it!



Shoppers Drug Mart

– Giorgio Armani Armani Eau d’Aromes: Ginger and vetiver – amazing. Shoppers is doing a big push on Father’s Day fragrances right now, so that’s why this was out on display. Really great, cool bottle, happy all around. Got a sample, expect a review.

– Mont Blanc Emblem: Grassy, watery, and fresh. Love the bottle.

– Kenneth Cole Mankind: I don’t believe I’ve ever tried a Kenneth Cole fragrance before this. Of the Father’s Day bunch, this was my least favourite. It has an underlying citrus tone, but rather watery.

– Mont Blanc Legend Special Edition 2014: At least I think this is the 2014 edition? To me it smells like straight up iced tea, no question about it.

– Biotherm Eau de Paradis: I was excited to try this line because Fragrantica recently wrote about their latest release. Found it on the most bottom shelf in the one display I’ve never checked out, and was glad to have stayed off that bandwagon as long as I have. It’s a raspberry scent, but too sweet, too concentrated.

– Biotherm Eau d’Energie: Silky orange scent.

– Biotherm Eau Pure: Nicest of the bunch. Something grapefruity.

– Biotherm Eau Vitaminee: Musk for ages. Yuck.

– Calvin Klein Downtown: This was a huge release, but I never bothered. I found it to be like sweets.

– Marc Jacobs Dot: Can you believe I’ve gone two years without smelling this? First of all, let me tell you how much I adore this packaging. Second of all, let me tell you how easily you could have fooled me into thinking this was Daisy. They’re so similar! Grassy, sweet floral.

– Prada Luna Rossa Extreme: This is the one I loved most from today. It smells like a smoky bonfire and moss – a summery night on the lake, bottled.

 Calvin Klein Eternity Summer 2014: A soft, creamy jasmine. There was a wall of brand new CK fragrances, but my nose was too exhausted. Another time. 



American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle Outfitters Real Blaze & Live Surf

American Eagle Outfitters Real Blaze & Live Surf

– American Eagle Outfitters Real Blaze: If this is a flanker of Real, I see no resemblance. I liked Surf, which came out before Blaze, and had high hopes for it. I found it to be a sweet fruity fragrance, without substance. Disappointed.



– I’ve been here a million times, and yet there’s something new: Cuba Paris. Cuba Paris, besides being a confusing name, makes extremely inexpensive fragrances ($5.99). I didn’t really try any, but they’re now on my radar.



To-sniff list (red=new for this month, black=left from last month):

  • Tom Ford Costa Azzurra, Mandarino di Amalfi
  • Jack Black’s collection
  • En Voyage Perfumes Captured in AmberCafé Cacao (based on SmellyThoughts’ video)
  • Juniper Ridge’s collection (based on Fragrance Bro’s video)
  • Poo~Pourri (based on this ad)
  • Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Escape to Panarea Pour Femme
  • Atelier Cologne Blanche Immortelle
  • Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche Skinscent 2014
  • Thierry Mugler Les Exceptions collection, which, funnily enough, will only be launched in CANADA (and Italy, but W.E)
  • Kiehl’s Vanilla & Cerdarwood (Grace Helbig called it a ‘sugar boner’, so I obviously need to try it)
  • MAC’s Turquatic
  • Prada Candy Florale
  • Puma Puma Green Brasil Edition, Puma Yellow Brasil Edition
  • Arquiste The Architects Club
  • Maison Martin Margiela’s collection
  • Lacoste Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc Limited Edition
  • Thierry Mugler Pure Wood
  • Vera Wang Princess Power
  • CB I Hate Perfume’s collection
  • Lush’s Gorilla collection
  • Lush shower jellies
  • Thierry Mugler Angel Eau Sucre
  • Philosophy’s collection
  • Bond No. 9’s collection
  • Hopeful order: Percy Jackson collection samples from AmbersHallowbyEC
  • Hopeful order: Once Upon a Time collection samples from delightfulrot

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