I think Boxing Day is my favourite holiday of the year.

     On December 26th I made my way to the local mall through some of the worst weather that we’ve had in years, all in hopes of getting some good deals. It sounds nuts, and it is nuts, but it’s so worth it. The Body Shop had this body butter (and a whole bunch of other holiday scents as well) on sale for half-price, which combines the two things I love most: a great product for a great price. I was so happy with the purchase that I almost forgave the horrible customer service I received… almost. This is The Body Shop’s 200 mL Cranberry Joy Body Butter, which retails for $20.

     The round plastic tub has a deep red metallic finish and stickers on the top and sides. The side label reads: CRANBERRY JOY BODY BUTTER / 200 mL 6.7 oz (192 g) / 24H / HYDRATION FOR ALL SKIN TYPES / With cranberry seed oil and Community Fair Trade shea butter. The product itself if a light pink colour (I wish they left the butters uncoloured). As usual, the body butter comes with no safety seal, which I wish it did for hygienic purposes. When you shop at The Body Shop, you need to dig into the back stock to make sure the product you’re buying hasn’t already been used.

     This is a mischievous scent, because it lures you in with fumes of sweet berries, but turns bitter on closer examination. This is a mirror of the actual cranberry fruit, which is equally deceiving. Overall, accurate and undoubtedly festive, with an almost floral aspect as well.

     This promises 24 hours of hydration, and I can confirm this claim to be true. It leaves the skin feeling soft and buttery, but the fragrance doesn’t last nearly as long as the hydration does. Note: some of The Body Shop’s body butters have difference consistencies. For example, the last one I tried, Chocomania, was chunkier and thicker than this one. Although I will probably not buy it in this scent again, I will most certainly be repurchasing The Body Shop’s body butters in the future.

What’s your favourite body butter?

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