UPDATE: On March 7th, 2014, Poison Apple Apothecary announced their closing. At this point their products will no longer be available for purchase.

     Ladies and gents, meet Etsy.

     Etsy seems like a nice, sweet website. And in truth, it is! The only problem is, if you’re not careful, it will literally eat all of your money, and you’ll be left with a million deliveries of hand-made cosmetics and no idea how you got there (based on a true story).

     My friend Noa showed me Etsy, and I knew immediately that I was hooked. I loved that I could browse stores and see what sort of magical, unknown products they carry, and then order them with a click of a button. The only downside I’ve found so far is that things on Etsy cost a lot more than they do in real storefronts, which is a combination of Etsy retailers paying higher prices because they probably don’t buy materials in bulk, and Canadian S+H.

     Poison Apple Apothecary is a small Etsy retailer based in Atlanta, that carries perfume oils, scrubs, body butters, and other bath & body products. Their scent list used to be very large, but when they began cutting down on which scents you can buy, I placed an order before they became sold out. I ordered three 1mL perfume samples ($3 each) and got a complimentary scrub sample, which I will also tell you about.

     Here are my quick thoughts about each of the fragrances:

Poison Apple Apothecary White Rabbit sample

Poison Apple Apothecary White Rabbit sample

1.) Poison Apple Apothecary White Rabbit: This was the one that convinced me to place the order. They were discontinuing it, and since I’d been lusting after it for a while, I decided to order a sample. I’m glad I did, because it’s one of the best fragrances I’ve ever smelled.

     This has notes of white chocolate, sassafras, caramel, and cognac. This stuff is potent as hell! Fudge-y, spicy and a little bit floral – Valentine’s Day in a vial. If you’re not a fan of sassafras or caramel there’s no point ordering it – it’s a big jolly combo of the two.

Poison Apple Apothecary Hatter's Tea Party sample

Poison Apple Apothecary Hatter’s Tea Party sample

2.) Poison Apple Apothecary Hatter’s Tea Party: continuing with the Alice in Wonderland theme, this is the fragrance of the Mad Hatter. The Mad Hatter is a fascinating character because of his predicament (forever stuck at 6:00 because of his escape from the Queen’s rage) and his famous answer-less riddle. Does this perfume oil carry the same characteristics? Let’s find out.

     This has notes of tea, spices, blood orange, and butter cookie – a strange if appropriate formula if there ever was one. Oddly enough, I’d never encountered a ‘bakery’ type fragrance in perfume – I had thought they were reserved for candles and home fragrance. This, however, opens with a smooth, buttery orange note, but as if through the air of a tea shop – heavily perfumed with tea leaves, like looking at the world through colored lenses. Various spices react with the orange to give it an almost festive aspect, truly magnificent and utterly luxurious. I will be keeping this sample for special occasions. Important to note: since this is a perfume oil, the fragrance concentration is rather high – 30%-50%. This means that a little bit goes a long way – apply with caution.

Poison Apple Apothecary Ghost of the Knoxville Girl sample

Poison Apple Apothecary Ghost of the Knoxville Girl sample

3.) Poison Apple Apothecary Ghost of the Knoxville Girl: I can’t remember why I ordered this fragrance, because I don’t think it was in one of the collections being discontinued. What I think it was was a great description:

This blend is that of overgrown ferns stretching over velvety moss in an all but abandoned wood. Fresh water from thee creek washes over the damp rocks and gives life to roses growing from the dirt by the bank. The blend finishes with a touch of ozone reminiscent of the Ghost of the Knoxville girl watching your every step…

     Come on, that’s descriptive gold! I had to have it.

     This smells like pine, watery notes, and grass. Contrary to the name, I think this is a masculine scent. There’s hints of white floral notes in there, but the grass note is the strongest. Smells like a crisp morning walk in a pine forest, which is unusual and exciting. Like the other two, this one is for special occasions.

Poison Apple Apothecary Pirate Anna Sugar Scrub sample

Poison Apple Apothecary Pirate Anna Sugar Scrub sample

4.) Poison Apple Apothecary Pirate Anne Sugar Scrub: This was included as a bonus in the order, which is great because a) who doesn’t like scrubs, and b) it means I get to try an extra scent!

     This has notes of timber, rum, patchouli and vanilla. I’m not sure if they use the perfume oils in their scrubs, but this smells of boozy vanilla. I would probably enjoy this in a perfume, so I might place another order yet – we’ll see! This is a sugar scrub, so it’s super fine; The gummy formula gets an A+ from me: it’s water activated and lathers while exfoliating, and a little bit goes a long way.

Collective thoughts about what I’ve sniffed today: this gives me great confidence in buying from private shops in the future, because of the quality of the product. I hope that PAA releases new scents in the future so that I can order from them again.

~ ~ ~

You can check out Poison Apple Apothecary at or follow them on Twitter at


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