It feels like ages since the last time I reviewed a candle.

     Seriously, you could have done a lot while waiting for me to do it; you could have learned a new language, built a small home, robbed a museum… really, you could have probably used this time for something better than sitting at the computer and waiting (which is clearly what you’ve done, right?). Anyway, let’s move past your procrastination. This is Bath & Body Works’ London Calling, and this 14.5 oz candle retails for $22.50. However, I picked it up during the last semi-annual sale for half price, which brings it down to $11.25, which is a great price for a large candle. I think that B&BW had a travel collection a while ago, and that this is one of them. I remember one called Rio Glow (or something along those lines), and there was a Paris one as well.

Bath & Body Works London Calling

Bath & Body Works London Calling

     London Calling literally called to me from across the shop floor. It rested at the top of a candle pyramid (the best kind of pyramid) on a display table, and once I saw the decorative lid I had to have it (I’m a sucker for textured stickers, apparently). The candle is housed in a glass jar, with a chrome cap that has a simple but elegant floral patterned sticker. In all honesty, I wish Bath & Body Works did this for more of their candles, because it adds just the right amount of sophistication to make it a great present. The label shows a mishmash of London landmarks, including the Big Ben clock tower and a red telephone booth. It reads (excluding French), LONDON CALLING / tea & lemon / Bath & Body Works / SCENTED CANDLE. The 14.5 ounces of wax are light beige in colour. I believe this candle has been repackaged a few times, as at the time of writing (end of January) it is being sold online under a different label.

     The Bath & Body Works website description reads:

Delight your mates with a fragrance fit for the Queen. A royal blend of tea, lemon and sugar transport your senses across the pond.

     The reason I gravitated towards this candle is because it’s atmospheric instead of specific. What I mean to say is, you’re not getting one thing in this candle, you’re getting a package; instead of a cup of tea, you’re getting an elegant English tea room, decorated with floral curtains and run by a kind elderly woman and her rebellious grandson (who I’m naming Mark). You talk to the lady, she already knows you’ll be having a cup of Earl Grey with honey, and she adds a few sugar cookies to the plate without charging you for them. You find a seat by the sunny windows, and study your tea; there’s a slice of lemon on the side, you like it that way. You sigh, content, and realize this fictional tea room doesn’t exist outside of the candle. You cry miserably, and light it anyway. Excellent fragrance, especially for when you have company over.

     In terms of throw, I was extremely impressed with this candle. The wicks burned slow and steady, forming a very deep wax pool over the course of about 5 hours. The scent distribution (throw) was excellent, and the scent while burning was sugary lemon – yum!

  What are your thoughts about London Calling?

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You can check out Bath & Body Works at or follow them on Twitter at


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