Some people take Lush Cosmetics way too seriously. Namely, the entire YouTube beauty community. I couldn’t find a single one that hadn’t done some kind of Lush Cosmetics video in the past year, be it a haul, rave, or review. In the midst of the excitement I discreetly slipped into one of their stores, went straight past the bath bombs (must… resist…), and found myself at what seemed to be the cheese aisle in the grocer; there were large round blocks of soap on display, and I watched as the sales associates cut them into neat chunks, weighed them, and then packed them up in brown paper bags that would make any organic-mom-type proud. In terms of customer service, I was pleased.

     To get in on the fun, I decided to try one – just one – of their soaps. This is my review of Lush Cosmetics Sexy Peel bar soap.

     The chunk of soap I got is 0.12 ounces ($4.80), which is big enough to review without being too small to use. The soap comes in a brown paper bag, with the Lush Cosmetics branding on one side, and the troubling ‘Life Cycle of a Lush Plastic Bottle’ diagram on the back (so the old/new placcy pig poops out bottles? Yikes!). The chunk of soap is individually wrapped in 100% compostable and recyclable paper, taped shut on one side and sealed with a sticker on the other. The sticker displays the name of the soap, the date it was packed on (mine is unfilled), the best before date (also unfilled), the net weight, and the price. The orange soap is a little bit oily, but not too messy. Overall, great presentation.

     Let’s smell this thing! This soap is fragranced with organic orange juice and lime oils. I let this chunk chill out for about three months after I bought it, and in that time it went from orange-overload to lime paradise. I can’t tell you how refreshing this scent is, it’s like a sure-fire pick me up. Get off my blog, go to the nearest Lush Cosmetics store, and take a big old whiff of this stuff – you won’t be disappointed.

     The Lush Cosmetics website says this soap has orange peels in it, to exfoliate and tone the skin. When you get through the initial layer of soap, you reveal the edges of the peels, which feel incredible on the skin, gently exfoliating and massaging. The soap is also super gentle and doesn’t leave too much of a residue. I will absolutely be repurchasing this soap in the future (in much larger chunks!).

Have you tried any Lush Cosmetics soaps?

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2 responses to “Soap Review: SEXY PEEL BAR SOAP by LUSH COSMETICS

    • Because of the hand-made nature of LUSH products different batches can come out with different scents – ask to try a sample at the store before you get it to decide if it’s good enough 🙂

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