Happy 1st Birthday, Nosegasm!

     Celebrating my own website’s birtday.. Pathetic, right?

     Except, not at all! We celebrate the good things in our lives, the things we’re grateful for, the things that we love. And, well, I love my blog. It’s like my baby. My digital-only baby, that is.

     Nosegasm.com was born in April of 2013, on the 24th to be exact. My first review was for Dolce & Gabanna’s Light Blue pour Homme, and since then I’ve written more than 95 posts, some preposted as far as early fall of this year.

Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue pour Homme review on Nosegasm

Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue pour Homme review on Nosegasm

     I admit, at the beginning things were rough. I didn’t really understand how to talk about fragrance (..flanker? ..Accord? ..Huuu?) and I didn’t really know how to operate a weekly (soon to become bi-weekly!) blog with class. Heck, it took my just about a year to figure out how to add a background texture!

     But now.. well, look at us! Over 180 collective followers, thousands of monthly hits, and lovely comments that relentlessly put a smile on my face when I open them. I’ve recieved gifts of products to share, gifts of trust in my reviews, and gifts of friendships – that’s what I treasure most.

     I may be making it sound like the journey’s over, but that’s far from the case! The products are piling up by the hour, and I’m only too happy to dig into that glorious mound and find my new favorite something-or-other. Besides, there’s so many other plans – articles, videos, and so much more. I hope you stick along!



Gil Segev

Founder, Nosegasm.com


2 responses to “Happy 1st Birthday, Nosegasm!

  1. Congratulations Gil! Happy 1st blog birthday –you have done so well and I am very grateful that I know you in this cyber-bloggy world of ours ❤

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