Did you know that 1/3 of the world’s soap is used by the USA?

     I think it’s time to tip the scales in favour of a cleaner Canada, one bar of soap at a time. There’s no reason for us not to be a more hygienic nation, so why not take initiative? I’m starting right here in my own backyard – er, bathtub. This is my exciting, exhilarating, breath-taking review of Irish Spring Moisture Blast bar soap, which retails for $3.79.

     Soap is, for the most part, pretty unglamorous, unless you’re talking about Chanel’s $75 No. 5 soap – now that’s elegant cleansing! But sadly, I don’t have that kind of cash to dish out (get it? It’s a soap joke). The Moisture Blast bar soap by Irish Spring comes three to a pack, each contained within an appropriately sized cardboard box. The boxes are branded on 4/6 sides, which seems a bit unforgivable to me, but no matter. The front face of the box reads: Irish Spring / DEODORANT SOAP / SAVON DESODORISANT / MOISTUREBLAST (no space, apparently) / with/avec Hydro Beads. How cool would it have been for it to say hydro beasts instead? Definitely cool. Said Hydro Beads are little specks of dark blue on the grey-blue soap base – this guy isn’t winning any beauty pageants. I love that they felt the need to carve the company name into the top of the bar – so unnecessary, since it becomes utterly illegible within a single use.

     Alright, scent time! In describing the fragrance of this soap I might say laundry detergent, but that’s too specific. It’s more a laundry room type of scent – like all the detergents and bleach mixed together. Now, that’s not to say that it’s bad. On the contrary, I don’t mind the smell of it. I’m just not entirely sure where it fits on the Irish Spring line, having tried the other scents in the past. At the end of the day, it smells like soap, and that’s all that matters.

     Let’s remind ourselves that this soap has a mission in mind, besides getting your man clean. It is a soap specifically designed to be moisturizing – hence the Hydro Beads. You don’t feel the beads, per say, but you can tell this is a moisturizing soap the moment you first lather it. Instead of leaving a hard residue behind (like IS’s other soaps, for example) this leaves your skin frighteningly glideable (not a real word). That is, until you wash it all off – then the hard residue is felt. What I’m trying to say is, don’t skip lotion after the shower, even after using this moisturizing soap.

Any fascinating opinions about this product? Leave them in the comments!

~ ~ ~

You can check out Irish Spring at or follow their parent company on Twitter at


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