The first rule of fiction is: every story has a beginning, a middle, and an end.

     The beginning is used to draw you in and to involve you with the characters, really make you care about them. The middle is where all the action happens, fantastic adventures that truly do only happen in stories. And then, the end; a conveniently packaged bundle of tied loose-ends, side-plots explained, apologies made, and the all important ‘I love you’ that we all saw coming.

     Makes you want to cuddle up with your latest library haul, doesn’t it?

     Jul et Mad Paris tell a story with their fragrances, a story that begins sweet (Terrasse à St-Germain), thickens with intriguing details (Stilettos on Lex), and ends with.. well, if I give it away now, what’s to keep you reading?

     The past two weeks I’ve told you about the first parts of this story, and now we get to the last. This is my review for Jul et Mad Paris’ Amour De Palazzo.

Jul et Mad Paris package

Jul et Mad Paris package

     The fragrances I received from Jul et Mad Paris arrived in a branded white cardboard box wrapped with a white ribbon. The three individual fragrances inside are each housed in a metallic ‘bullet’, with the house’s name on one side, and the respective fragrance name on the other. The top has their signature motif, and the bottom facet reads, MADE IN FRANCE / JUL ET MAD PARIS / PARFUM 7ML – 0.24 FL. OZ. When you slip the shell off it reveals the shiny silver spray itself, which has the same motif, the name, and what I’m assuming is the batch number. As with the first two, the atomizer spits out a small amount of juice but in a big cloud.

Jul et Mad Paris Amour de Palazzo company name

Jul et Mad Paris Amour de Palazzo company name

Jul et Mad Paris Amour de Palazzo

Jul et Mad Paris Amour de Palazzo

     As with the first two, Amour de Palazzo was a 2012 release, done by Dorothee Piot. This 7mL refillable spray arrives with their 50mL (full-size) bottles, which retail for €280.

     Here’s what I’ve learned from trying out Julien and Madalina’s fragrances – these guys really love their rose. Rose, a flower that’s been associated with love for longer than any of us have been alive, is a fitting motif for this company. The rose in all three of their fragrances is sweet, tea-like in nature, strong and confident. A rose for rose haters, if you will.

     Amour de Palazzo does not have rose in its composition, not officially, but you can’t argue with what the nose says. And what my nose says, ladies and gentlemen, is rose. Rose and leather, that’s the base of this composition, a sensible pairing indeed. Again, sweet, not sweaty. Then, there’s the pepper – dusty pepper that smells like a wonderful attic hideaway, a lengthy novel tucked away and rediscovered. Dry, so dry, but not dirty. These elements, together, form a rainy-day fragrance, haunting in nature.

     Like the duo before it, Amour de Palazzo is not a fragrance for everyone, and certainly not a fragrance a person could use for ‘everything’. This is for the collectors, the seekers of oddity.

     Longevity wise, this is the weakest of the three, which could potentially turn as many people onto it as off. Decent projection, too.

Verdict: I am saddened that our Jul et Mad Paris journey is over. I feel that I am wiser for delving into these fragrances, and I hope that I’d helped bring attention to this fabulous company. Two incredibly interesting people (highly encourage you to check out their various interviews), a good story, and some fabulous product. Amour de Palazzo will sit patiently on my shelf, awaiting the next rainy day, comfortably in my favourites. Do recommend.

~ ~ ~

You can check out Jul et Mad Paris at or follow them on Twitter at


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