Body Spray Review: VICE by AXE

     Good day, mate! Today I’m going to tell you about a product that is near and dear to my heart. It is, of course, an Axe (or if you’re from the UK, Lynx).

     Before you turn away in disgust, saying “What do you think I am, a hormonal teen boy who just stepped out of gym class?” (if that sentence gets me search hits I’m shutting the site down), consider this: you don’t have to be one of those to wear Axe! Why, you could even be a hormonal teen GIRL who just stepped out of gym class, thanks to the Axe line for women!

     Alright, all jokes aside, I really do have a lot of respect for Axe as a brand. They’ve managed to make themselves ‘cool’ to the middle school crowd, and that’s a tough act.

     I got this particular body spray in my first year of high-school, back before I knew the difference between an eau de toilette and parfum. For whatever reason I thought this body spray, which clearly says body spray, was a deodorant. I used to practically bathe in this after my gym classes, because there was no way I’d shower in my school’s change rooms. In hindsight, considering how many of us wore this stuff, I’m surprised we didn’t turn into one of those fragrance-free schools.

     Anyway, before I continue reminiscing about my junior year, let’s talk fragrance. This is the 113 gram Vice body spray by Axe, which retails for $4.96.

Axe Vice Body Spray

Axe Vice Body Spray

     Axe did something really incredible with their brand; they made fragrance cool – even desirable! – to young men. Why, perfume is the stuff of girls and old ladies! Guys don’t wear perfume. But with their clever advertising, they made any guy caught without a canister of this seem out of the loop. Speaking of which, the canister is a work of branding genius on its own. A construct of metal and plastic, this thing even looks manly. The ‘body’ of the can has a printed design of what seems to be bleeding cuts (or maybe I’ve just been playing too much God of War to properly interpret), and there is far too much text on the bottle to relay to you here. Sorry about it.

     The description for Vice reads:

Eve was a nice girl… until the forbidden fruit turned her naughty. That’s the inspiration for Axe Vice. The fresh scent is high in forbidden fruits with a mandarin base and woodsy overtones. Use with caution.

     The whole thing about Eve and the warning at the end seems a bit over the top, but I’ll give them points for making reviewing their product entertaining. Yes, this is a fruity scent. No, it’s not feminine. Yes, it’s woodsy. No, you won’t feel like you’re wearing flannel and chopping wood to put in your wood stove to roast an entire boar. There’s just something about it that smells of… ambition. It’s as if they took the essence of a teen guy and bottled it, messy room and soda pop and video games and awkward first dates and all. When I smell this, it takes me to a happy place, and for these blissful sniffs, I tip my hat to Axe.

     This stuff is built to last through the ages – it covers up any stink, and does so with grace.

Have any burning opinions about Axe? Share them!

~ ~ ~

You can check out Axe at or follow them on Twitter at (although I don’t recommend reading their tweets if you’re not a straight male… they’re rather pretentious)


2 responses to “Body Spray Review: VICE by AXE

  1. I just have a question Why can’t I buy AXE VICE I don’t wear it because other people like the smell of it I wear it cuz I like the smell of it I have looked everywhere in my town and around the area and no luck Can you tell me did you stop making it or just not for sale in Canada This is CRAZZY Every time I find something i like they stop selling it in Canada. AXE VICE WHERE ARE YOOOOOOOOOU ?????????
    Singed LoneWolf

    • Hi Stephen, thanks for your comment, I’m not sure what the status of Axe Vice is in Canada, I recommend reaching out directly to the company.

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