Whether it’s somebody sitting in the sky and guiding us along, the cosmic powers of the universe, or a little arrow-wielding toddler with wings, something always leads us on the path of love.

     And yet, isn’t it difficult to say what love even is? I mean, we know we feel it, we know others say they feel it, but how do you explain it?

     Perhaps this is what sets Julien Blanchard and Madalina Stoïca-Blanchard’s story apart from other love tales, because this is a story we can all experience intimately. They own Jul et Mad Paris, and theirs is a love story in scent.

     When I first read about Jul et Mad Paris I was hooked on the idea that their love could be shared in liquid, so when they sent me three (of their now four) purse sprays, I couldn’t wait to share them with you. The scents arrived in late February, and it took me longer than usual to talk about them because of the respect I think they deserve. This is not a mainstream release made for the general market, but a niche branch that wants you to stop, smell, fantasize, think, reflect. I will do my best to translate to you my experience with each fragrance, one page at a time, until we finish the story. Then we can hope for a sequel 😉

     Up first, Terrasse à St-Germain – Terrace in St-Germain. Or, in other words, chapter one.

Jul et Mad Paris package

Jul et Mad Paris package

     The fragrances I received from Jul et Mad Paris arrived in a white cardboard box wrapped with a white ribbon. The three individual fragrances inside are each housed in a metallic ‘bullet’, with the house’s name on one side, and the respective fragrance name on the other. The top has what appears to be their signature motif, a square-circle thing that comes off really classy, and the bottom facet reads, MADE IN FRANCE / JUL ET MAD PARIS / PARFUM 7ML – 0.24 FL. OZ. When you slip the shell off it reveals the shiny silver spray itself, which has the same motif, the name, and what I’m assuming is the batch number. All in all, an elegant, clean, and sophisticated purse spray apparatus, perfect as a small (but expensive!) gift. The atomizer spits out a small amount of juice but in a big cloud – careful on the trigger, and bystanders beware!

Jul et Mad Paris Terrasse à St-Germain shell+spray

Jul et Mad Paris Terrasse à St-Germain shell+spray

Jul et Mad Paris Terrasse à St-Germain shell fragrance name

Jul et Mad Paris Terrasse à St-Germain shell fragrance name

Jul et Mad Paris Terrasse à St-Germain shell house name

Jul et Mad Paris Terrasse à St-Germain shell house name

     The story behind 2012’s Terrasse à St-Germain is that of Julien and Madalina meeting for the first time in a Parisian café, which sounds almost like some faraway fantasy. The perfumer responsible for Terrasse à St-Germain is Dorothee Piot, creator of Andy Warhol and Naomi Campbell’s Naomagic. I’ve found that the name of the fragrance does not lend itself to the composition. You will not find notes of coffee, or bakery scents, or cigarettes (which I’m told is a predominant scent in the streets of Paris). Still, you have to admit it’s got romance to it. I encourage you to visit their website (link at bottom) to find out more about how they met and their perfumery stories – I promise it is as interesting as it is informative.

     Okay, let’s talk smell. This thing is a story on its own, with a strong opening and an even stronger ending, one that leaves you thinking about it long after it is done and over with. The opening, like love itself, is unexpected, taking the senses by surprise; charming and irresistible and entirely new. Big sparkling green notes open this composition, with a soft citrus side that is round on the corners and delicate as French macaroons. It’s something you’ve smelled before, maybe in a daydream, sweet and terribly nostalgic. It smells dewy, like a young morning, with soft florals that don’t feel outdated, but rather the type you’d bring to a date – thoughtfully picked out, and oh-so right. The composition has a light pink colour to its scent, with a dominant rose that is present without being overpowering – this is the middle of the novel. Then, the ending. Sexy, sweet patchouli that is in strong contrast to the dreamy opening, slightly evokes thoughts of Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle but less offensive, more sensual, more erotic. Not terribly strong silage for a parfum, certainly not overpowering, but present and long-lasting. A scent for a young woman in passionate, lustful love.

     Here’s the thing: I am not raving about this because it was sent to me, but because I am connecting to it. It feels familiar, but of course I’d never tried it before. It’s a scent for happy times trusting your heart, a scent for people who like each other a great deal. Next week I’ll be talking about the next chapter to this story, Stilettos on Lex. I hope you join me.

Verdict: Jul et Mad Paris’s products are expensive – like, really so (these purse sprays are complimentary with the 280 euro 50mL bottles). But, if you have 22.50 euro for a 5mL miniature and a fragrant-loving soul-mate, you have a reason to buy this. A strong, standout nighttime date scent that is without a single offensive note. Highly recommended.

~ ~ ~

You can check out Jul et Mad Paris at or follow them on Twitter at


2 responses to “Perfume Review: TERRASSE À ST-GERMAIN by JUL ET MAD PARIS

  1. Your writing is so beautiful Gil. I love this. What a beautiful product and I’m utterly intrigued by your description of the scent.

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