I don’t know much about Victoria’s Secret other than they sell undergarments for women and occasionally put on a fashion show which attracts a lot of attention (for reasons entirely unknown to me). So when my friend Stacey said she has a couple extra samples from them that I could review if I’d like, I jumped at the chance.

     Here are my quick thoughts about each of the perfume samples I’ve got from Victoria’s Secret:

Victoria's Secret Heavenly Sample

Victoria’s Secret Heavenly Sample

1.) Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Heavenly: I would NEVER in a million years try this perfume if I didn’t already have the sample, plainly because I don’t like the name. I don’t know whether this is a spin-off of another perfume, or if maybe there was a communication breakdown at the VS product development department, but I don’t care enough to find out. At least they’ve got the decency to offer samples – lots of clothing stores that have their own fragrances don’t (Hollister and American Eagle Outfitters come to mind), so I appreciate that.

     This perfume was released in 1999 and is an oriental floral. To me this is very musky, which I don’t find pleasant, so I will be giving this one to a friend. There are however some nicer citrus notes in this, but not enough to make me like it. Also, there’s something about it that screams department store perfume sales-floor, and not the good kind. Sorry, DAH.

Victoria's Secret Bombshell Sample

Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Sample

2.) Victoria’s Secret Bombshell: I couldn’t be bothered to check facts, but I think this is one of their more popular fragrances. I remember seeing a poster for this at the Tel Aviv airport two summers ago, but to this day I don’t know why they chose to feature a lingerie company at such a prominent business hub. Wait, I do.

     Anyway, this is a 2010 release, and it is categorized as floral fruity. This is just great, super fruity and exotic. I love the depth of the pineapple, and the strawberry notes are not powerful enough to make me hate it. I would get this in a full-size, or maybe a body spray.

     Collective thoughts about what I’ve sniffed today: I’m glad I’ve found one that I like, because now when I’m dragged in there at least I’ll have something to look at. What do you think of VS perfumes?

~ ~ ~

You can check out Victoria’s Secret at or follow them on Twitter at


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