Before anyone calls me out on two reviews of the same type in a row, let me just say this: I can’t wait to get this reviewed and out of my house.

     Again, I got this fragrance mist for free as part of Bath & Body Works’ spend-$10-get-a-free-$14.50-product promotion. In store it smelled innocent and lovely enough, but it only took a few sprays at home to realize this just isn’t for me. This is Bath & Body Works’ Coconut Lime Breeze fine fragrance mist, and this 236 mL bottle retails for $14.50.

Bath & Body Works Coconut Lime Breeze Fine Fragrance Spray

     The bottle is a long and narrow plastic tube. The ‘body’ of the bottle has a light printed design of a palm tree on a yellow-to-green ombré background. It reads: COCONUT LIME BREEZE / BRISE COCO LIME / fine fragrance mist / fine bruine parfumée / SIGNATURE COLLECTION / Bath & Body Works / e 236 mL/8 fl 0z. The back has a small bar code and the bottom has a small sticker with safety information.

     The description for Coconut Lime Breeze reads:

Tropical With A Twist! Coconut Lime Breeze is a fresh mix of coconut water & lime blossom.

     I will say this about Bath & Body Works: they sure do seem to put in a lot of effort into designing their fragrances. Their body sprays – or fragrance mists, if you want to be politically correct – have the same pyramid structure that many fine fragrances follow. This one lists all types of notes: sparkling tangerine, bergamot Italia orpur (say what now!?), sheer muget… just loads and loads of things I don’t get at all from this fragrance. It’s funny – the closer I get to the area I sprayed it, the more fruity-floral citrus notes I can smell. The further I get, the more I feel like I just bathed in sunscreen. Something about this fragrance doesn’t work with my skin’s chemistry, but it’s pleasant and summery nonetheless. I’d recommend checking it out if you’re brave (summer scents during February? Edgy), but this will not be a repurchase for me.

     As with Sweet Pea, the staying power for this fragrance is next to nothing, but the throw is good. I also feel that I should mention that B&BW claims these sprays have aloe and that they ‘nourish and moisturize’ the skin. Can I vouch for it? Not at all, but I’m not one to doubt the great B&BW gods 😉

Thanks for reading my review! What do you think of Coconut Lime Breeze?

~ ~ ~

You can check out Bath & Body Works at or follow them on Twitter at


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