It’s samples time again! This week I’ve got a bunch of Hugo Boss samples that I want to share my thoughts on with you. One of them is an actual glass tester vial, and the others were mailed to me. Let’s get sniffing, shall we?

     Here are my quick thoughts about each of the fragrances:

Hugo Boss Just Different

1.) Hugo Boss Hugo Just Different: this is the one glass vial out of the bunch. I was a bit annoyed with the lady who gave this one to me, because I had asked to try Hugo Red, not Hugo Just Different. Still, a sample is a sample. I don’t quite understand Hugo Boss’s logic when it came to filling this vial – it’s half full, and I hadn’t even used it before. Perhaps use a smaller vial in the future? Just a thought.

     This is a 2011 release, with the top of mint and Granny Smith apple. Smells like pines and lemons. Not entirely sure why…

Hugo Boss Orange

2.) Hugo Boss Boss Orange: Mr. Orlando Bloom is the face for this fragrance, and as a quick Wikipedia search just informed me, he is an actor. Good for him.

     This is also a 2011 release, sporting notes of red apple, coriander, incense, vanilla notes, Sichuan pepper, and ‘woodsy notes’. This is the spiciest fragrance I’ve ever smelled. After the initial wave of burn-your-face heat, it mellows into something woody. Can’t get past the spicy notes, not a fan of this.

Hugo Boss Boss Bottled-Night-Sport

3.) Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Sport: The first of three on the same card. I hate when companies market certain smells as ‘sporty’ – what does that even mean? Are you telling me that after 40 minutes on the elliptical I’ll reek of this thing? I don’t get it.

     A 2012 release, this has grapefruit, aldehydes, lavender, vetiver, and cardamom. Lovely floral citrus opening, with something intricate and wonderful that I’m going to blindly attribute to aldehydes (sorry, Chanel No 5).

4.) Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Night: The second of three on the same card. Again, what’s with the extra word at the end? Is this just a way to recycle old bottle designs?

     A  2010 release, this smells of birch, lavender, violet, musk, and ‘woodsy notes’. Surprisingly enough, this opens with the woodsy notes. This is strong! I’m intrigued by the idea of birch as a perfume note, but unfortunately I don’t recognize any. This is fresher than the sport one (interestingly enough), but still nothing special.

5.) Hugo Boss Boss Bottled: The last of three on the same card.

     A 1998 release, this is a ‘fresh fruity’ cologne with a ‘spicy floral’ heart (this is me being too lazy to list the notes). This is a very spicy fruity smell. A nice original, would be better without the spin-offs. I would purchase this one.

     Collective thoughts about what I’ve sniffed today: spices, and lots of them. I’m not extremely impressed with these samples, but I am quite a fan of their Red cologne, and I think Boss Bottled will grow on me. Give these guys a sniff, let me know what you think.

~ ~ ~

You can check out Hugo Boss at or follow them on Twitter at


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