This week I’m reviewing Bath & Body Works’ Black Raspberry Vanilla shower gel, which, I’m sorry to say, was from before their body care revamp (*audible gasps from B&BW fanatics*). I had been curious about their body care for the longest time, so during June’s semi-annual sale I picked this guy up for $3, which is a good price for the relatively small amount of product it is (295 mL/10 fl. oz). I’m hoping that during December’s sale (written in early November) I’ll be able to find a newer product so I can compare them.

Bath & Body Works Black Rasperry Vanilla Shower Gel

Bath & Body Works Black Rasperry Vanilla Shower Gel

     I think Bath & Body Works did something really incredible with their shower gels: they somehow made the packaging so elegant that people actually give them as gifts. No more shall I be ashamed for giving people soap (“seriously, it’s NOT because you smell bad!”); in fact, I’d be surprised not to become the recipient’s new best friend. Anyway, I’ll stop rambling now. The point I’m trying to make is that these suckers look really nice, especially in gift sets. They have a curved body with a plastic cap, and the sides are raised to allow for easier grip in the shower. The front label reads: BLACK RASPBERRY VANILLA / FRAMBOISE NOIRE VANILLEE / SHEA ENRICHED / SHOWER GEL / GEL MOUSSANT / ENRICHI DE KARITE / SIGNATURE COLLECTION / BATH & BODY WORKS / e 295 mL / 10 FL. OZ. The label’s background is a very dark purple color, with two gorgeous vanilla blossoms and some darkly lit raspberries. Seriously – soap art. The soap itself is purple.

     Scent wise, I was never really crazy about this before purchasing it, but I definitely warmed up to it since i began using it. It doesn’t smell at all like black raspberry to me (their Gelato candle does that much better, in my opinion), instead it’s a very creamy vanilla strawberry to me. I’m completely obsessed with this, it makes me feel like I’m washing in some kind of delectable dessert – yum to the max! Total repurchase for me if they’ve still got this around. This isn’t the best-foaming soap formula in the world, but it does lather up decently. The liquid itself is SUPER thick, so that you really have to squeeze the bottle to get it out. As for their moisturizing/conditioning claims, I’d stick to the ritual; shower gel, lotion, and spray – the scent is GONE the moment you leave the shower.

Which Bath & Body Works scent should I try next in shower gel form?

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