I have a slight fear of the unknown – strangers, the future, and mystery novels (they’re the worst!). So, I think I deserve some kind of recognition for mustering the courage to purchase a candle by a company I’ve never heard of. This is Brookeside Candle’s Fruit Smoothie, and this 18 oz candle retails for $9.99 at Winners (great price!).

     Fruit Smoothie comes in a sturdy glass cylinder, with a plain cap that grasps the glass so hard that it’s sometimes difficult to remove. The label shows a delish-looking frothy pink beverage, garnished with some strawberries. The label reads, BROOKSIDE CANDLE / “DISTINCTIVE HOME FRAGRANCES” / FRUIT SMOOTHIE / STRAWBERRY / BLUEBERRY / RASPBERRY. Fruit Smoothie is a three-scent candle with two different colored layers; the top layer is a light pale pink color, which fades into dark purple.

     This candle is the bomb dot com! The name could not be any more accurate – the top layer smells of a freshly made strawberry-banana smoothie, creamy and milky and deliciously ripe. It makes my mouth water! The middle layer – blueberry – is a wonderful bakery blueberry, like a slice of pie. Amazing! The third and final layer is a sort of sweet berry scent, which is also quite lovely in a subtle way.

     Throw-wise, this candle did its job, and then some; when I lit it, I could smell it throughout the house, which was great. The burn was slow and steady, taking its time to pool out without sacrificing crucial scent distribution. It lasted ages – well into the advertised 90 hours. Overall, phenomenal performance.

     Ever tried an unknown brand and been surprised by the results?


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