Happy New Years! I think that it’s only appropriate to go back to how we started back in April – with fine fragrance reviews! (Well, if you can call this that) I had finished the Diamond Collection impression of Juicy Couture’s Viva La Juicy in the fall, and thought it’d be nice to pick up another super inexpensive fragrance to use as a body mist (such a hipster!). This is the result of that, and it is Preferred Fragrance’s Hottest, an impression of Beyonce Heat. It’s normally $5 at Sirens/Urban Planet, but I picked it up at Dollarama for $3, which makes it the least expensive of all the fragrances I’ve ever owned. Onward with the review.

***The following information applies to the 75 mL version***

     You can tell this is a cheap product just by looking at the box this thing comes in. Red with flaming accents, it reads: HOTTEST / OUR IMPRESSION OF / NOTRE IMITATION DE / NUESTRA VERSION DE / BEYONCE / HEAT / 2.5 FL. OZ 75 ml e. The back has a picture of the bottle, and the left side lists the ingredients and precautions.

     The bottle for Beyonce’s Heat (and the rest of the Heat family, for that matter) looks almost Ptolemaic in their design. There is obvious similarity between Heat and Hottest, but I think I prefer the bottle of the impression over the original. Instead of a square base shape, Hottest’s is hexagonal. The glass has a gradient effect, clear in the neck and gradually transitioning to deep red at the bottom. The cap, although pretty, doesn’t even latch on to the bottle, so be careful when lifting it. In addition, I don’t know what the material is, but I swear it’s dangerous. It started out bronze, but now it’s fading into blue where my skin has touched it – scary stuff.

     I would describe the scent of this fragrance as sweet-florals mixed with spicy notes. It starts to fade within minutes, so the throw is fairly weak. There’s really not much else in this, which is perfectly fine by me because it’s not bad. I don’t think you could get away with this as any more than a body spray, because of it’s projection – or lack of, for that matter. Still, at $3, this has the potential to be a simple but fun pick-me-up spray throughout the day.

What are some impression fragrances that you’ve tried?

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You can check out Preferred Fragrance at


2 responses to “Perfume Review: HOTTEST by PREFERRED FRAGRANCE

  1. Thanks for the review! That is a pretty bottle. I think I would be drawn to that. This sounds perfect for a body spray.
    The only impression scent I’ve tried before is that for Pink Sugar. I’ve tried it from numerous indie shops. That was some time ago, though.

    • Andrea,

      I agree that the bottle is nice! It’s interesting that you bring up Pink Sugar, I haven’t seen that in an impression yet but I have a sample of the original. I’m not sure what the prices are like in the US, but here they always have Pink Sugar on clearance at drugstores for $20 for the 100mL bottle, so it might be worth it to treat yourself.

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