This is the candle review that almost never happened. If you’ve been around here for a while, you’ll have heard me rave about Bath & Body Works’ Limoncello in practically every review (no matter how unrelated the products were!). Since I’ve never lit it (considering it’s my only one, I wouldn’t dare!), this will be a different kind of candle review, I’m sure. Nonetheless, this is Bath & Body Works’ Limoncello, and this 1.3 oz candle retails for $4.50.

Bath & Body Works Limoncello

Bath & Body Works Limoncello

     Limoncello (noun) – A lemon-flavored Italian liqueur. Could there be a more divine description? If it were up to me, swimming pools would be filled with the stuff, farmers would milk it from the cows, children would have special lessons about it in school, and there would be a national holiday every spring to celebrate its awesomeness. Alas, I have yet to figure out this whole taking-over-the-world thing, so I shall be satisfied by telling you about it whether or not you’re at all interested.

     Limoncello comes in a thick glass jar with a reflective chrome cap, embossed with the Bath & Body Works name. The label shows a basket of cheerful lemons (never thought I’d ever say such a thing), which is beautiful and enchanting. When I look at it, I imagine myself in the fields of Italy, picking fruit in the orchid, carefree and happy… then I am transported back by the sounds of my cat begging for attention. Anyways. The label readsBATH & BODY WORKS / LIMONCELLO / SCENTED CANDLE / CHANDELLE PARFUMEE. The wax is a pale green-yellow color.

     The Bath & Body Works website’s fragrance description for Limoncello reads:

Cheers! Notes of lemons, cane sugar and a hint of lemon zest capture Italy’s beloved after-dinner liqueur – Limoncello.

     I. LOVE. THIS. SCENT. AHHHH! It’s incredibly sweet, and unlike a lot of lemon fragrances it doesn’t smell like a cleaning detergent. It’s almost got a bit of mint freshness as well. It reminds me of a type of popsicle I used to love as a kid, called Matara (מטרה in Hebrew), which had a creamy sweet lemon center – this is that, in candle form! If they still had this candle in store I would have bought every last one – it’s so great!

What are your thoughts about Limoncello?

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You can check out Bath & Body Works at or follow them on Twitter at


3 responses to “Candle Review: LIMONCELLO by BATH & BODY WORKS

    • Andrea,

      Great noses think alike! 😉 I’m debating getting it out of the way, but I can’t bring myself to break away – I sound like a total hoarder xD Do you have one of these? I’d love to know the performance.

  1. Sorry for the delayed response – have you burned it yet?
    Unfortunately, I am a candle hoarder. Ah well…I guess there are worse things. 😉
    Yes, I have this one and think it has a good (not great) performance. Trouble with the wicks at times. The newer version (Cheers To Capri) does not appear to have the same problem.

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