Don’t you just love Bath & Body Works’ semi-annual sales? Three-wick candles for seven bucks, body sprays for half price, and body lotions for $2? I know I do! I can’t justify spending  too much for a body lotion on a regular basis, so I think stocking up during SAS is a great idea. This is Bath & Body Works’ 236 mL White Tea & Ginger Body Lotion, which normally retails for $11.

Bath & Body Works White Tea & Ginger Body Lotion

Bath & Body Works White Tea & Ginger Body Lotion

     As you already know, my skin drinks up moisture like there’s no tomorrow (sort of like Mulch Diggums in Artemis Fowl, but less gross). The problem is, I hate the feeling of heavy lotions – can’t stand them! That’s why B&BW’s watery formula works so well for me – it’s superbly hydrating while maintaining a light and painless application.

     The plastic container is clear, with a removable chrome cap. I’ve noticed that as opposed to their candles, B&BW chooses much more abstract labels for their body care products; what I mean is that if they were to make a candle for this fragrance (if only!) they would most likely show a literal interpretation of the name, where on the lotion it’s a simple flower. The label reads: WHITE TEA AND GINGER / BODY LOTION / LOTION POUR LE CORPS (yikes!) / SIGNATURE COLLECTION / BATH & BODY WORKS / e 236 mL/8 FL OZ. The product itself is a pale off-white yellow.

     I fell in love with white tea back in May, during my trip to New York City. One of the hotels I stayed in had soaps with this scent, and I’ve been obsessed since. So obviously, I love this lotion’s fragrance! It’s fabulously relaxing, almost spa-like, with a perfect mix of herbal goodness and tanginess.

     As for lasting power, I would say it lasts a solid day on my skin. I apply it right after I shower at night, and it goes on smoothly and gets absorbed quickly enough to be comfortable, but not so quickly that I’d doubt if it’s working at all. I have tried other body lotions from Bath & Body Works in different scents, and would repurchase them over and over again.

     Quick rundown: awesome application, super affordable, and excellent scent – doesn’t get better than that!

What’s your favorite body lotion?

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2 responses to “Moisturizer Review: WHITE TEA & GINGER BODY LOTION by BATH & BODY WORKS

  1. Nice. I haven’t tried the body lotions from B&BW. I’ll have to seek this one out to try.
    If splurging, my favorite moisturizer comes from L’Occitane. I love most of their shea butter products. A much more affordable option for me is the Hemp Satin Body Cream from Luxury Lane Soaps. It comes in an array of scents (the scents are strong in the jar, but go on lightly) and a jar lasts forever. I wait for them to go on sale, then I try to stock up.

    • Andrea,

      If you do want to give it a try, hurry in to their SAS – they brought it back again! I’ve heard of L’Occitane before, but now I’ll know specifically which products to try out. Thanks!

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