Las Vegas – hotels, gambling, drinking, and… candles? Apparently so! This summer my parents flew out to fabulous Las Vegas to celebrate my mom’s birthday, and they came back bearing presents. Knowing me and my nose, they got me a unique present that I’d love to tell you about. This is a handmade (by my mom!) candle from Basin White, and this 15.68 oz candle retails for $14.99.

     I’m not entirely sure how exactly this whole ‘make your own candle’ thing works, but from what I’ve gathered you basically choose scented soy wax pellets to put into a glass jar, which is then heated to stick the pellets to each other. Sounds cool! On the company’s website you can order a custom candle too, but with only 3 different scents.

     This handmade candle came in wide glass jar with a slightly downwards curved lip. There is no cap, and instead it’s wrapped in clear plastic film, tied with a green plastic bow around the super-long wick. This is a bit of a problem for me, because I’d like to be able to switch between candles without them losing their scents in between. The wax layers on mine are (from the top down): red (raspberry lemonade), orange (fruit slices), yellow (lemon), and green (lime cooler).

     I love all things citrus, and that’s the main type of note in this candle. When you actually light the candle the loose wax pellets melt into each other to create a mixed layer that smells like a very sweet lemon candy. The scent throw on this thing was just out of this world strong.

     Something to note: since the wax beads are not attached to each other initially, lighting the candle makes it seem to shrink significantly; this is normal! The was still pools out nicely, and the wick forms a mushroom top in no time at all.

Ever tried Basic White?

~ ~ ~

You can check out Basin White at or follow them on Twitter at


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