Candle Review: LEAVES by BATH & BODY WORKS

     Is there a more famous candle than Bath & Body Works’ Leaves? If there is, I’m doing candles wrong. Even before I became interested in scents I knew about this specific fragrance, so I feel as if this review is almost like an official welcome into the wax community (or maybe I’m just crazy). This is Bath & Body Works’ Leaves, and this 1.3 oz candle retails for $4.50.

Bath & Body Works Leaves candle and brown owl candle sleeve

Bath & Body Works Leaves candle and brown owl candle sleeve

     Some people – the majority of YouTube’s beauty community, for example – are die-hard Leaves fans. Whenever they show off their latest B&BW haul, they gush about how great this candle is and then urge the rest of us to go smell it. So I took the bait, bought it, and… well, let’s just say I’m not with them on this one.

     Leaves comes in a thick glass jar with a reflective chrome cap, embossed with the Bath & Body Works name. The label shows a path lined with autumn trees, which is pretty and appropriate to the name. The label reads, LEAVES / BATH & BODY WORKS / SCENTED CANDLE / CHANDELLE PARFUMEE. The wax is a light brown color, which turns BLANK when lit. There WAS/WAS NO discoloration of the wax between burns. I know that because this is such a popular fragrance they also sell it in a medium sized candle and a large three-wick (all three available in White Barn editions as well), as a wallflower, in a mason jar, room spray, Scentportable, and a home fragrance oil.

     The Bath & Body Works website’s fragrance description for Leaves reads:

Celebrate the brilliant colors of autumn with this rich blend of golden nectar, red apple and spiced berries.

     Alright, now we get to the scent. Right away I get the apple. It’s sweet, crisp, juicy – completely in your face. I get a lot of cinnamon, to the point where sometimes it’s the only thing I smell and I wonder if it’s too late to change the name. It’s not a hot cinnamon, though, if that makes any sense. Rather than burning my nose, it tickles me because it’s kinda sweet. There’s something in this that’s similar to another B&BW fall scent, Autumn Day. It’s a sort of sour woody thing that I really can’t place my finger on, which contributes to it almost smelling like a cleaning detergent. The burn on this things was absolutely horrid – tiny little flames and practically no wax pool.

At the end of the day, I really don’t get the hype over this fragrance – what is it that makes everyone love it so much?! What about you?

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6 responses to “Candle Review: LEAVES by BATH & BODY WORKS

  1. I have been purchasing Bath and Body Works candles for years and I have to say that Leaves is definitely one of my favorites and is an absolute “must” each and every fall. I havent ever had a detergent smell come from the scent however, nor have I ever had an uneven wax pool. Perhaps this happened to you because you purchased the mini candle which only has one wick. With the large three wick I have experienced nothing but a perfect even burn and excellent throw. Look forward to the end of summer every year so I can begin burning my Leaves candles!! Cant get enough!!

    • Hi Jamey! I’m glad you’ve got a fall favorite! I think I might take your recommendation and try Leaves in a bigger size this fall. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Hi there!!

    Just noticed , I think you picked the wrong leaves candle. The one you should try is called leaves but it’s in a yellow and red ombré jar it retails for about $22.00

    • Hi Tia, thanks for the feedback! You’re right, this year B&BW is offering Leaves in that style of packaging. However at the time of writing (2013) it was a little different, should be the same scent though! Have a great day 🙂

      • You did in fact choose the wrong leaves. The leaves with the Brown wax smells different from the one with the white wax. I too wondered why leaves was so popular and bought the wrong one and was so disappointed. A friend purchased the correct one and I can’t get enough of that delicious scent….. It was love at first whiff 😀
        Please give this a second chance.

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