I had trouble with this review, because I kept changing my mind about what I think of this fragrance. So, this is my second go at it – this is Bath & Body Works’ Cider Lane, and this 1.3 oz candle retails for $4.50.

Bath & Body Works Cider Lane

Bath & Body Works Cider Lane

     Here’s the thing: I love apple cider, and always have. One of my favorite drinks come the chilly autumn is Tim Hortons’ apple cider – it’s warm, it’s sweet, and it hits the spot perfectly. The problem doesn’t lie with the apple cider, but rather with the fact that this candle smells nothing like it! I remember that during the last semi-annual sale I saw an older version of this scent and really liked it. I recall it so vividly because I hadn’t expected to, and it almost startled me at how accurate it was. Not so with this year’s version!

     Cider Lane comes in a thick glass jar with a reflective chrome cap, embossed with the Bath & Body Works name. The label shows a cup of apple cider, garnished with an apple slice and a stick of cinnamon.  The label reads (in impossibly small text), CIDER LANE / BATH & BODY WORKS / SCENTED CANDLE / CHANDELLE PARFUMEE. The wax is a deep red-brown color, which turns beautifully dark red when lit. There was slight discoloration of the wax between burns. I think the color of the wax would make it nice to burn during fall through the holiday season.

     The Bath & Body Works website’s fragrance description for Cider Lane reads:

As sweet as the trip to the local apple orchard each year, a delicious fall blend of mulled cider, warm caramel and sweet cinnamon.

     This year’s Cider Lane smells heavily of cinnamon on cold sniff, which doesn’t really work for me because my apple ciders tend to go light on that particular spice. I get a sweet apple note peeping from underneath the cinnamon, with a hint of sugary goodness that almost smells like icing. I don’t smell any caramel, which is just as well because I don’t know about you, but I’ve never gone out of my way to put caramel in apple cider. Maybe I’m missing the idea of the scent, since it’s not plainly called apple cider, but since it’s what they put on the label, that’s what I’m going with. When the candle is burning, the scent is completely different. Still not apple cider, but it’s delightful. The caramel really shines in an almost chocolaty way, like a big chocolate cake is baking in the kitchen. The scent throw was just spectacular.

     The burn for Cider Lane was good. The wick held on nicely, and I was just really pleased with the performance – might even get a 3-wick of this one, just because the chocolaty scent is really nice.

What do you think of Cider Lane?

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2 responses to “Candle Review: CIDER LANE by BATH & BODY WORKS

  1. Oh my…this is one of my favorite candle scents from B&BW! I thought it smelled of caramel apple – not sure about the cider part. But LOVED it nonetheless. I picked up a couple of more during one of their recent sales. I was on a wax ban, but I felt I had to. 😉
    Thanks for another great review!

    • Andrea,
      Pick up some for me, too! 😉 The chocolate aspect of this made it just gorgeous to me. I’m wondering if perhaps this is one they bring out every fall season?

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