Candle Review: GELATO by BATH & BODY WORKS

     Ladies and gentlemen, please give me a ginormous round of applause for finally finishing off all of my summer candles. Even though the summer scents are some of my favorites, I’ve been dying to get into the fall candles, seeing as the winter candles are already out (written in August!). This is Bath & Body Works’ Gelato, and this 1.3 oz candle retails for $4.50.

Bath & Body Works Gelato

Bath & Body Works Gelato

     Amo questa candela! This candle belongs to the Italian collection, which just so happens to include the most perfect candle of them all – Limoncello. Topping Limoncello would be a tough challenge for any scent, but this one comes pretty close. Don’t wanna read the entire thing? Just know this: super sweet, super sugary strawberry syrup.

     The packaging for Gelato is a thick glass jar with a reflective chrome cap, embossed with the Bath & Body Works name. The label shows a selection of mouth-watering gelatos, and a man behind them. It reads, BATH & BODY WORKS / GELATO / SCENTED CANDLE / CHANDELLE PARFUMEE. The wax of this candle is a pale pink color, which turns into a light orange-pink when lit. Love it all around.

     The Bath & Body Works website says:

A creamy sweet blend of raspberry and strawberry, with an effervescent sugar spun finish for the perfect Italian indulgence. Bravo! Bravo!

With this fragrance I get a lot of icy strawberry with a tiny citrus tang. This really reminds me of a type of raspberry drink mix I used to love as a kid, which is strange because the raspberry note isn’t prominent. To me the throw was weak, but my poor family members said it was overpowering – maybe it’s time I give my nose a rest to recalibrate (as if)!

     The overall burn was good, no real complaints. It wasn’t as great as Lakeside, but the scent was a definite improvement. I also noticed that it burnt out rather quickly – there was still relatively a lot of wax when the wick gave out.

In conclusion, I think that Gelato is a perfectly nice sweet fruity summer fragrance, probably not a repurchase for me. What do you think? Next week I’ll begin talking about the 2013 autumn scents – get ready!

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2 responses to “Candle Review: GELATO by BATH & BODY WORKS

    • Andrea,

      You’re welcome! I loved this one, too. I wish they carried their summer scents year-round! Although I’ve got to admit, I’m kind of obsessed with the winter scents, and the It Happened One Night collection.

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