Are you confused about why I’m reviewing this summertime candle in October? I am, too! This is Bath & Body Works’ Watermelon Lemonade, and this 1.3 oz candle retails for $4.50.

Bath & Body Works Watermelon Lemonade

Bath & Body Works Watermelon Lemonade

     This candle goes way back to the Lakeside collection, home to my dearly beloved Boathouse Row. When I smelled it for the first time it made such a weak impression on me that I didn’t bother getting it until the minis were on sale for $2. Still, it’s a perfectly nice sweet scent, so I thought I’d strike the match and see how it fares, all for your reading pleasure of course.

     Packaging for this little guy is a thick glass jar with a reflective chrome cap, embossed with the Bath & Body Works name. The label shows a charming glass Mason jar filled with a light pink beverage with a slice of watermelon. It reads, WATERMELON LEMONADE / BATH & BODY WORKS / SCENTED CANDLE / CHANDELLE PARFUMEE. The wax of this candle is a pale pink color, which turns into a light red when lit. It isn’t often that I’m really pleased with the packaging for a candle, but this one just has it all; It’s cute, it’s fairly unisex, and in a larger 3-wick I think it would make an excellent gift.

     Oftentimes when I go to review a B&BW candle I find myself reading the description found on their website, because candles purchased in their Canadian stores don’t have them printed on the bottom. When I went to check this one, it said:

The coolest sip of summer! Quench your thirst for long summer days with this refreshing blend of watermelon ice, sparkling water and freshly squeezed Meyer lemons.

     For once, they got it right! Absolutely right. This candle really has a very fresh, watery scent. It just makes me feel so thirsty! I get much more of the watermelon note than lemons, but it’s not cloyingly sweet at all. Instead, it’s light, breezy even – kinda reminds me of watermelon-flavored Jolly Ranchers. In addition, I smell a slight mint note, or maybe cucumber, which really pulls the entire thing together – perfection. The throw was decent, nothing spectacular here.

     I was surprised that this tiny little thing had a great burn – no tunneling, a hearty wick, and a deep wax pool – A+ all around!

I totally think Watermelon Lemonade would be a repurchase for me if I can still find it – what do you think?

~ ~ ~

You can check out Bath & Body Works at or follow them on Twitter at


4 responses to “Candle Review: WATERMELON LEMONADE by BATH & BODY WORKS

  1. I LOVE Watermelon Lemonade from B&BW! Thanks for the great review! In the midst of all the apples and pumpkins, it’s nice to read about something considered a little out of the box. I’m not a seasonal melter or burner, so I definitely can relate.
    Love this candle in a 3-wick. You might be able to find this tucked in the corners of some stores right now.

    • Andrea,

      Glad to be in the same club as you! You’re right, this stuff was just incredible. Hopefully it’ll make a reappearance for SAS!

  2. Absolutely love this on. Great review, Gil! Also, it’s okay to review summertime scents in October, no harm, no foul! Everything must get burned/melted!

    • Lauren,

      Thank you! I would love it if B&BW had a summertime collection year round 😉 Couldn’t get enough of Watermelon Lemonade!

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