Did you get all excited when you saw last week’s candle review? Did the ridiculously low price make you shake uncontrollably, itching to run out to the nearest dollar store to find what’s to be found? Before you go all shopping-crazy on me, let me tell you about the second candle I got from Old Williamsburgh Candle – Cinnamon Bun.

Old Williamsburgh Candle Cinnamon Bun

Old Williamsburgh Candle Cinnamon Bun

     If you’ve been following this blog for long enough, you’ll know that when I see a bakery scent I try my best to walk right past it. There’s something about bakery scents in candles that just makes my poor nose sad. So, imagine my surprise when I fell in deep, unrelenting love with Cinnamon Bun. But Gil, you say, cinnamon buns are the crème de la crème of bakery scents! They are the center of the bakery scent universe, with the rest of them swirling around them in a hurricane of sugar and flour! True, true. I can’t really explain it, the way you generally can’t explain love at first sight – er, sniff.

     Like Fresh Melon, Cinnamon Bun comes in a thick, stubby glass jar with a metal screw-on cap, with those little measurement markings and other details around it – charming all around. The label is on the cap, and it reads, OLD WILLIAMSBURGH CANDLE / CINNAMON BUN / BRIOCHE A LA CANNELLE / SCENTED CANDLE / BOUGIE PARFUMEE. The wax of this candle is a light brown color, which turns into a dark brown – almost black – when lit. As with Fresh Melon, the wick was super long when I got it, so I trimmed it about half-way.

     Cinnamon – a spice made from tree bark – has a very strong, distinctive smell. It’s typically associated with those cheesy Valentine’s Day candies, toothpaste, and apple pie. Cinnamon buns – AKA, Cinnabuns – are doughy pastries with a sugary glaze with lots of cinnamon. I think that even though they definitely tried to go after the cinnamon aspect of a Cinnabun with this candle, they evaded the standard bakery path and instead chose to base it around a creamy vanilla, reminiscent of glazing. On cold sniff the cinnamon is prominent, but the moment it begins to burn, the room because enveloped in a cocoon of sweet glaze – yummy! Even though the candle is relatively small, the throw was beautifully powerful.

     The burn for this candle was fairly flawless, despite a slight canyoning issue. I’ve burned it for about three days straight, and I’m not even half way through it. Love it!

What’s your take on bakery scents?

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4 responses to “Candle Review: CINNAMON BUN by OLD WILLIAMSBURG CANDLE

  1. I LOVE bakery scents! My absolute favorites to melt or burn in my home. I love them for bath/body, too. This Cinnamon Bun candle sounds like the kind I would like. Thanks for the review!

    • Andrea,

      Definitely check it out! I made an order for perfume samples a while ago and one of them was a bakery – can you believe it? I’ll be writing about it soon, but it’s just so weird to smell like that! Although, I suppose, I wouldn’t mind getting my paws on one of the Eau de Toast bottles – have you heard of them?

        • Andrea,

          I didn’t, but I wish I did! They were extremely limited edition – 100 bottles. By the time I found out about them, all of them were sold out! I love the idea of bottling ‘real’ scents. Pizza Hut Canada made a pizza perfume a while ago – so creative!

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