While I salute some bloggers’ attraction to luxury candles – AKA, $50 or more – I’m a little more on the unemployed student side, so I love me a great deal. Canada’s major dollar store chain, Dollarama, sells candles by a company called Old Williamsburgh Candles for a double-take-inducing $1.25. So, I obviously had to buy some for your reviewing pleasure.

Old Williamsburgh Candle Fresh Melos

Old Williamsburgh Candle Fresh Melon

     As I have learnt since starting this blog, I’ve got a strange little nose. There are smells I absolutely adore – salty sea inspired scents, the smell of a smoky fire – and there are others I’d rather repeat grade 10 math than have to smell. Laundry detergents fall into the second group, and in my experience, every melon scent ever has that quality. So, imagine my surprise that Fresh Melon, at $1.25, did not.

     I was drawn to these candles in the first place by their packaging, which is a thick, stubby glass jar with a metal screw-on cap. The jar isn’t plain though, with little measurement markings and other details around it. I found it all very old-school and cute. The label is on the cap, and it reads, OLD WILLIAMSBURGH CANDLE / FRESH MELON / MELON FRAIS / SCENTED CANDLE / BOUGIE PARFUMEE. The wax of this candle is a light green color, which turns into a dark green when lit. Mentionable detail: the wick was super long when I got it, so I trimmed it about half-way.

     Like I said, even though this candle smells fresh, it doesn’t smell like detergent. Instead, it’s a pleasant, sweet, juicy melon, almost as if it’s been placed on a fresh fruit platter to be served on a hot day. I liked that it wasn’t a particularly complicated smell, especially since it’s been fairly hot here recently (written in August). Even though the candle is relatively small, the throw was super powerful.

     The burn was absolutely great – no complaints. It did have a bit of a canyoning issue, but I attribute that to the jar shape. Since there is no definite size on the candle, I would compare it to that of a middle-sized Bath & Body Works candle, which typically lasts for about a week of burning.

I still can’t believe how great the value of this candle was – what’s your favorite cheap candle? And most importantly, where can I buy it?!  😉

~ ~ ~

You can check out Old Williamsburgh Candle at


2 responses to “Candle Review: FRESH MELON by OLD WILLIAMSBURGH CANDLE

  1. Great review! I haven’t seen any Old Williamsburgh Candles around…now I’ll be on the lookout. Color me guilty for my fondness for luxury candles, but I also love a good deal! For wax melts, I’m really enjoying the ScentSationals brand. Good candles that don’t tend to have the higher price tag include Better Homes & Garden, For Every Body and Patriot Candles.

    • Anrea,

      I’m still looking for all the wax melts you write about! My local Walmart never seems to carry them :/ Thanks for your suggestions, I’ll keep looking!

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